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Aug 24, 2006 09:25 PM

Belmont Newcomer

Hiya, Hounds!

I have received some wonderful advice here on all kinds of food and dining. So, I am moving from the dining wasteland that is South Boston (yes, except for Cafe Polonia I always leave the 'hood for food) to Belmont and would love your input.

Does anyone have recommendations for nearby dining delights in Belmont, Watertown and Waltham, please?

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Shangri La, Beijing Star are the first that come to my mind, but then I like Chinese food. Moody Street in general has lots of good places.

    1. I have heard that Patou Thai is quite good. I have not eaten there myself, but have peeked in and it is a pretty room. I think you can find some old posts if you search the board.

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      1. re: a l i c e

        I've had a couple decent lunches there. Not a destination for me but ok.

        1. re: Aromatherapy

          Yeah, finding good Thai is difficult in this town. Especially if you've had the real deal at mom-and-pop holes in the wall in Bangkok and environs. :)

      2. I sooooo want to hate Stone Hearth Pizza, but I just can't quite bring myself to do so.

        It's an unabashed "business concept" (Finale anyone?), but this totally insincere approach to restauranting has somehow managed to generate some pretty good Neapolitan pizzas and salads made with high quality organic ingredients.

        Am I going to go out of my way to get pizza from here? Not a chance. But if you can manage to push your way through the imaginary "die yuppie scum" picket line out front, you could do a lot worse for an upscale neighborhood pizza joint.

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        1. re: finlero

          Funny but true. I saw the two owners of this place on the Phantom (no Flaming, please), and when asked why they decided to ditch their hi-tech careers for pizza, guess what their answer was? It wasn't, "we're passionate about pizza," or "we live for pizza," or anything like that. They basically rattled off some Harvard Business School rant about the rapid growth of pizza sales.

          Still, the pies look damn good. :)

          1. re: finlero

            I too swore I'd never go...but I have to tell you "The Bean" (white bean spread, mozz, etc) was the most delicious standout. Service was indifferent, families packed the place, but it was cool to watch the efficient kitchen bustle. I think I'll make my own version at home before heading out there again. Za in Arlington is just that much better for foo-foo pizza.

            1. re: finlero

              This is funny. My husband had the reaction described above. We stopped in one day when we had a Zipcar and were in the area.

              I wanted to go back because the pizza and the salad we had were wonderful. Our female server was warm, welcoming and informative.

              Husband was put off by something he just couldn't quite explain.
              He admitted it was a good pizza but has no desire to return. Unless they come into Boston, it is very unlikely I'll find a reason to be near there but I wouldn't mind one within walking distance.

            2. Try the lamejun from Eastern Lamejun Bakery, next to Shangri-La.

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              1. The "Armenian strip" on Mt. Auburn in Watertown (which includes Jasmine, Persian, haven't made it beyond the excellent stew-of-the-week). Shangri-la of course and I keep forgetting to try Peking Cuisine, they have some interesting things on the "special" menu. Iggy's main bakery is on Fawcett off Concord Ave. Danish Pastry House. Fresh Pond Seafood for fish and there's a farmer's market Thursday afternoons in Belmont Center this year. Sergi's farm for produce (corn should finally be in). Greek shopping at Sophia's on Belmont. Then you're fairly near North Cambridge for Bengal Cafe, Qingdao, Greek Corner. Many posts on Waltham fairly recently, I'd do a search.