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Aug 24, 2006 09:20 PM

Paris: Client Dinner for 10

I'm arranging a dinner for my boss along with 9 clients and colleagues in Paris in mid-September.

Cuisine: French

Atmosphere: Quiet enough for them to hear each other, but not too cramped, stuffy, or formal.

Price: My boss has a high taste level, but I think the top Michelin restaurants are too expensive for such a large party. I would put an estimate of 100-125 Euro a head, including wine.

Location: Anywhere in the city would be fine, as long as it is in a nice/safe/clean part of town.

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. The Auberge Dab at Port Maillot is a classic for meetings like this. There's another one at Auteuil, whose name I can't remember at the moment.

    1. I think Ze Kitchen Galerie would be good. It has an innovative cuisine and it is in a great location in the 6th arr. by the Seine. It is great to walk off the meal, strolling along the river and looking back at Notre Dame and forward to the Eiffel Tower.

      Chez Maitre Paul also in the 6th serves food of the Jura region. The chicken dishes are outstanding and the wine interesting with one great chateau in that region.

      For something very French and wonderful, try Au Petit Tonneau in the 7th. Ginette Boyer is the chef. Her dishes are wonderful as is she and I think she makes the best tarte tatin in Paris.

      L'Astrance would come in at around your price point and is probably within a few years of becoming a three star restaurant. The only problem is getting a reservation.

      1. You may want to have a look at Pasco, Blvd de la Tour-Maubourg, 7th arr. facing the Invalides (particularly nice in the evening) in a very nice, safe and clean area of the city. It's a modern bistrot with Mediterranean cuisine.
        They do have a private room for some 10 people on the upper floor. It will be within your budget. It's not formal nor stuffy at all. Closed on Monday.

        1. Thanks for your suggestions. Looking up these places, I realized I should also mention that the dinner is on a Sunday and that it needs to have a nonsmoking section. Unfortunately, it seems like many restaurants are closed on Sundays.

          Au Petit Tonneau sounds promising, but is it small? Do I need to make a reservation since it's such a large party? I can't seem to find a website or phone number.

          1. Au Petit Tonneau is tiny and a reservation for 10 people is certainly necessary. No website.
            Phone: 01 47 05 09 01

            I still stick for Pasco for such a large party or then, a large brasserie (most of them are open on Sunday) with a non-smoking section.