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Aug 24, 2006 08:59 PM

Family-Friendly But Good Near F and 14th in DC

My family and I are at the Willard Intercontinental (I know, tough life!) for tonight and tomorrow night. Not knowing anything about the DC food scene, I was wondering if any of the 'hounds could recommend decent choices for a family with a three-year old. We love just about anything.

After a very cold plate of food at Legal Seafood, followed by a re-warmed plate of tough shrimp (I mean TOUGH!), we are ready for something better.

Thanks, in advance.

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  1. You can't eat better than Jaleo (7th and E)for Spanish tapas. Reservations possible until 6:30pm, after that could be a wait.
    Do a search on this board for recs.

    An otherwise upscale restaurant, Galileo (21st and L)has an osteria menu they serve in the front room and on their front sidewalk where everything is 5-10 dollars. Excellent vitello tonnato and porchetta, but the menu changes often.

    In the same area as Galileo, Nooshi (19th and L) is a pan-Asian place with many good choice.

    1. Les Halles @ 1200 Pa Ave - right down the street from The Willard
      Good french bistro - good hanger steak & fries

      1. Old Ebbitt Grill is always an adequate stand-by to which you could take a child.

        Also, right across the street from you, the upstairs Mexican cafe at Red Sage would work.

        1. Thanks, all.

          We found Nooshi last night and had a nice dinner there. We may try Jaleo tonight. We haven't done a tapas dinner in a while.