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Aug 24, 2006 08:56 PM

How to brew chicory?

Can anyone tell me how to brew chicory properly?

The nice man at Peets said he thought it could be made in my stovetop espresso maker (the two-chambered metal kind that sits on a burner) and told me to grind it finely first. I did this until it looked about the same grain size as the coffee I ordinarily use, but once the water boiled in the lower chamber the chicory gummed up the whole works and the poor little espresso maker started making a horrific, shrill whistling noise. It was clearly in agony. I had to turn it off, take it apart, and flush it thoroughly. It hasn't been the same since.

Now I've got a bunch of chicory and no idea what to do with it. Could it be so simple as just putting it in a normal cone cup-top filter and pouring hot water over it? How much should I use per cup?


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  1. do you have roasted chicory root?

    if so, it is usually used to augment coffee, not replace it completely - usually about 20% chicory. the chicory root is more water soluable than coffee - it will absorb water much more readily than coffee - hence the gumming up of your espresso maker. Your best bet for a high percentage chicory brew is to use a french press.

    the manual cone top method would also work...but you may have to babysit as the chicory absorbs a lot of water before releasing it...unlike coffee...

    fresh chicory leaves are a completely different thing - they are suitable for salad - kind of like dandelion leaves.


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      Where does one find roasted chicory root? Not asking for specific stores, just general direction about where to look (supermarket? Costco? BBQ supply store?)

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        You can find chicory root on