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Aug 24, 2006 08:55 PM

Good $10 (and under) Wines in Boston? (esp. at TJ's)

Hi 'hounds,

I saw this old thread from 2002
and figured it was time for an update, so...

Any ideas on what the best cheap - well, not cheap so much as _inexpensive_ - wines in Boston area shops are these days?

Any particular pointers for the Cambridge Trader Joe's (Mem Drive) would be especially welcome!

Thanks, and happy 'hounding...

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  1. If you see Panaroz from Spain anywhere is is a superb chewy red.

    On the bubbly side I am fond of a Spanish wine as well:

    Segura Viudas Aria

    1. Sorry, didn't know about the Wine board. I see this is being covered in other posts. Apologies!

      Edit - although now that I am reading that thread it seems to be over a year old... so any updates appreciated.

      1. What type of wines do you like and where do you generally shop?

        I will leave others to comment on Trader Joe's. For good wines under $7, I generally purchase Portuguese wines. If you are in Cambridge check out two merchants on Cambridge St -- 660 Liquors and Martin Brothers (cash only). Under $7 you are probably looking at an Alentejo or Dao wine for red, a vinho verde, or the Quinta da Romeira Arinto (mentioned in another thread) for white. Also at that price range you can get good Chilean white wines -- Dallas Conte chardonnay, various Sauvignon Blancs. Muga and Protocolo (locally imported) are decent Spanish Roses that you can also find.

        $8-10 you open up the possibilities a fair bit to excellent south american reds, californian blends, and spanish wines (as well as French and Italian, but you are asking for specific recommendations). The Concha y Toro Casillero del Diablo line is a readily available wine -- I drink the Carmenere, but I think the Merlot and Cabernet are good too. Borsao is a widely distributed spanish maker with a $8 blend and a single varietal tempranillo in the $10ish range. Cline offers some blends and certain varietals in this range, plus their Red Truck/White Truck wines (not my favorites, but I prefer to the Big House Bonny Doon wines). In Portuguese wines you will find some nice wines from Douro (where port comes), maybe Beiras Altas, and perhaps even a Touriga Nacional Varietal. The Esporao mentioned in another topic is usually $10.99.

        I buy the above mentioned Seguras Vidas for about $7.99 in Medford, but have seen it priced higher (SavMor). Its not a vintage wine so its hard to direct you, but the most recent shipment my local liquor store received isn't as good as the one before. Martignetti on Soldier's Field seems to regularly offer Piper Sonoma Blanc de Noir & Blanc for around $11.99 and there are some decent proseccos under $15. If you see a Portuguese sparkling wine try it, there are a couple of excellent ones I have had, but can't find anymore.

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          I tried Borsao a couple of years ago after seeing (at the store) that Parker approved of it... bad, bad, bad, white sediment in the bottom, ugh. It may be that was a terrible bottle or there's some variety in quality, but I'd be hesitant to buy Borsao again.

          I have been trying Spanish wines, and should look again at Portugese - don't like Vino Verde either as what I've had is too acidic, port and sherry I'm ok with.