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Aug 24, 2006 08:41 PM

Charlie Rose Food episode: Robuchon, Reichl +, Buford

Recent Charlie Rose food episode can be viewed on Google video for free:

Joel Robuchon -- short interview, not very interesting with a lot of ingratiating CR, conducted shortly after the soft-opening of L'Atelier in NYC.
Ruth Reichl with various literary figures -- for special Gourmet issue. Two bits of interesting (to me) info revealed: 1) Alan Yau will be opening a Hakkasan in NYC in the fall, and 2) the best Chinese restaurants in the country are invitation-only, not open to the public in Las Vegas.
Bill Buford -- a truncated repeat of an earlier longer interview that you can also find on Google video. Talks about working at Babbo as written in Heat.

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  1. Where are these invitation only Chinese restaurants? At which casinos?

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    1. re: craigf

      Reichl doesn't name specific names when she makes this judgement, but she does say that they are only for high-rollers ("whales") invitation only. I think she says that it was written about in a Gourmet article but I don't know what issue. (Watch the video and decide for yourself what she says.)

    2. I am also curious as to the nature of these "nations best" chinese restaurants.

      1. I've heard that the best Japanese restaurants are invite only as well.

        I agree with Reichl about NYC desperately neeeding someone to save the lackluster state of Chinese food in New York City, but doesn't Alan Yau do Chinese-Japanese fusion?

        1. I loved Bill Buford's (author of Heat) interview the best!

          It is so true what he said about someone coming in at closing time...everyone is looking forward to leaving...and we all stare at the order coming up in the kitchen hoping to God we don't have to re-clean the griddle, or re-heat the oil, or re-wash the floors, or unwrap every last item in the walk-in so that we can fix the meal. (You cannot wait until the door is locked to begin clean-up). Please order the ceasar!

          What he said about what it is like in a kitchen when you are slammed was great! It is indeed like a sporting event...I always called it "the chaos dance".

          1. Do you mean an actual Hakkasan in addition to Yu's restaurant at the Gramercy Park Hotel?


            If so, and actual Hakkasan branch should do well in NYC! The London original is located in a back ally and is entirely underground!


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            1. re: TexasToast

              That's interesting. That article was written a year ago, but the Ruth Reichl interview was done recently.

              I don't have any inside information. I'm only going by what Reichl said in the interview.

              1. re: Pupster

                Yet, at least according to this, the Alan Yu restaurant at the Gramercy is slated to open this fall.


                Anyone in NYC care to comment?