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Good breakfast burritos in the Pasadena area?

Craving a good breakfast burrito in the Pasadena area. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dona Rosa has great burritos and other breakfast-y foods. It's at the intersection of Arroyo Parkway and California. YUMMY!

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      Totally agree re Dona Rosa on breakfast "burritos and other breakfast-y foods"!

      Sometimes I just want a little breakfast burrito, and frankly like McDonald's for that. :p

    2. Here's a link to a discussion of Lucky Boy, which quickly broke off into a discussion of breakfast burritos in Pasadena. Hope this helps:

      1. Blasphemy, I know, but I had a really good breakfast burrito last week at La Salsa: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/... .

        1. Wolfe Burgers.

          Wolfe Burgers
          46 N. Lake Ave.,
          (626) 792-7292

          1. Lucky Boy, hands down the best in Pasadena.

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              Or anywhere. Nothing compares to Lucky Boy. Just don't go for the vegetarian - they don't know what to do with it and add huge amounts of potatoes to compensate for the lack of bacon and sausage.

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                  Lucky Boy is where again? I always get it confused with Tops. :/

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                    640 S Arroyo Pkwy
                    Pasadena, CA 91105
                    (626) 793-0120

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                I agree - Lucky Boy is the king. Often, though, there's WAY too much bacon in the burritos. Too much in that "heart-stopping sick for days" way too much. A secret I learned from my friends in high school: order the regular burrito and ask for the bacon on the side. You'll recieve a burrito and enough bacon to feed an entire room full of hungry high schoolers, even after you reload your burrito with a more manageable amount of bacon (trust me, it's plenty). And who doesn't need tons and tons of leftover bacon? ;)

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                  Yes, Lucky Boy is by far the best breakfast burrito, and not just in Pas. I drive from Hollywood. I now get it with ham, as the bacon is just too much.

              2. If you want a decent vegetarian burrito, go to Gerlach's. Unfortunately, not open for breakfast.

                1. Lucky BoOoOoOoOoOoYyYyYyY!
                  [the fat lady has sung].

                  1. El Super Burrito on Colorado, about two blocks west of Rosemead in East Pasadena. Eggs with chorizo, machaca and all the other tradional breakfast burrito fillings.


                    1. It's been a while since I've had a breakfast burrito there but I used to eat them all the time at Yahaira's on Colorado just across the street from Vroman's. I remember them being very simple, not overloaded with stuff, and they were very good.

                      1. so, for me, yeah lucky boy is good, if you want your butt to explode later on. its like eating a gas grenade. honestly, for a burrito like it, with not sooo much oil and grease, i go to south pasadena's Hi Life Burgers, on fair oaks. you can get chorizo, sausage, bacon, and it has cheese, ( i honestly get light cheese, they do overload on that) hashbrowns, eggs, and comes with salsa and the fixins...i love it. oh, and they have really good pastrami sammies too!!! ( that does get to my stomach a lil bit.)

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                          Hmmm, my butt is still intact, thank God. Also, Wonder Burger on Foothill has a great breakfast burrito as well - and their salsa is better than Lucky Boy IMO.

                        2. Where's the place where they put a mexican yummy red slightly spicy sausage tasting sauce in the breakfast burrito? That's my favorite breakfast burrito!

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                            are you referring to chorizo? sausage or a red sauce? i am kinda confused.

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                              It does sound like a chorizo and egg burrito.

                          2. I like Tops on Foothill. The burrito is good and, for some reason, I could almost drink the salsa verde they give you on the side.

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                              Ditto to tops, especially since they have a drive up window.

                              There used to be a place, Union Street Cafe, that had the best chorizo & egg burritos. They would add homestyle potatoes that were cooked with onions and bell peppers to it. If you ate in, they would cut it up into rounds and serve it with freshly made salsa roja. It was so damn good. Unfortunately, the place went out of business, another victim of Pasadena's rising rents due to gentrification. Alas.

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                                Union Street Cafe... In the same location is a new deli simply called "Z's" It is just as good if not better. There breakfast burrito's are HUGE! Three whole Eggs, plus a bunch of other rib sticking ingredients. I have mine made with only two eggs. Still can't finish one!

                                1. re: mineral47

                                  I can't do it. I'm too heartbroken over the Union Street Cafe being gone. I don't think I can set foot in that place ever again.