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Aug 24, 2006 08:38 PM

Ail Y'ail y'ail or Ferreira

We are looking for great,fresh portuguese seafood while in Montreal?
Which of the two isted would you suggest? Are there others we should consider?

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  1. i'm not so sure that ail y'ail y'ail and ferreira are in the same league

    but if you're somewhere in between, hit up chez doval on marie-anne

    1. Celfie is right that they're not in the same league at all. Ferreira = haute Portuguese, Ail Y'Ail Y'Ail = second-generation, playful Portuguese-Brazilian-Québécois (with definite emphasis on Portuguese). Loads of fun, and quite affordable. And Al knows how to handle his seafood, probably better than most cooks in mid/low-range Portuguese places.

      A couple of months ago I posted a run-down of a half-dozen Portuguese joints in the Plateau here:

      (Can't link to the post, sorry.


      Haven't been to Ferreira in ages, but have not heard whispers of any serious slippage.

      Since Ferreira *still* doesn't serve poutine, personally I'd opt for Ail Y'Ail Y'Ail. :^

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        Portuguese poutine? Anyways, I've been to Ferreira twice in the last couple of month, once for lunch and once for dinner and liked it a lot. Service was outstanding.

        1. re: fatboy44

          Well, it's poutine, the menu is mainly Portuguese, and the chef is Portuguese (I believe Montreal-born, but not sure), but I wouldn't quite call it "Portuguese poutine."

          The one I had -- the signature dish, called "Al-phrodisiak" after chef/owner Al -- has a mountain of mussels, clams, calamari, shrimp, scallops and a small amount of bacon over a generous portion of cheese curds and fries, and a garlic-cilantro sauce. There's also an extra bowl full of the seafood and sauce, or at least there was when I ordered it. It's a truly substantial meal, and may be the second most expensive poutine in town at $17.

          It sounds like a train wreck and there's no way it should work...but it does. I was very skeptical when I saw it on the menu, but after seeing it on another table I had to make a return visit a few days later to try this stuff. A bit excessive for lunch, but I have no regrets.

          1. re: Mr F

            Sounds great, almost like a potato / cheese paella. I will try that.

            1. re: fatboy44

              Sort of. More like poutine with cataplana-minus-rice on top.

              I just noticed that the whole menu is online. A quick search should reveal it.

            2. re: Mr F

              Hey, thanks for the explanation. I just read a few reviews on the place and it sounds pretty damn good.