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Aug 24, 2006 08:13 PM


Will be in Lisle for 3 days, need rec for one night What is the "best" in Lisle? Price no object, we like all types of food.
Thanks in advance

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  1. Don't know, but I do know that neighboring Naperville has many more food options than Lisle. I did notice that a search on this board for "Naperville" yields some recs in Lisle as well, however.

    1. Allgauer's Grill in the Lisle Hilton is an excellent choice. Creative dishes, reasonable prices.
      Slightly east of Lisle in Downers Grove on Ogden Ave is Lao Sze Chuan - very good Chinese with unusual preparations.

      1. In Lisle proper, there's not a lot worth going out of your way for, except for perhaps Chef Paul (a German/Bavarian restaurant that's received some accolades), a few Asian places (Fabulous Noodles, Joy Yee), and Chinn's 34th Street Fishery (decent choice for seafood). Your best bet probably is nearby downtown Naperville (and vicinity), where there's a lot more from which to choose.

        1. You also might go east to downtown Glen Ellyn for Les Deux Autres -- a very comfortable "white table cloth" restaurant with creative French food.

          1. First, when is your trip? Second, will you have a car?

            There are certainly more food options in Naperville, but the vast majority are chain restaurants -- even at the high end. Some have good food and offer good value (eg Catch 35), some have good food but offer questionable value (eg Hugo's), but most are not worth the effort (eg Sullivan's, Rosebud, Bistro Margot, Joy Yee, La Sorella di Francesca).

            Chef Paul's Bavarian Lodge ( is the place to go if you enjoy quality beer, as their selection is among the best in the entire Chicago area.

            If Chinese fits the bill, then Lao Sze Chuan (in Downers Grove) and Fabulous Noodles are both wonderful places that I highly recommend.

            If you want to be an unabashed carnivore for the evening, also in Downers Grove is Sal&Carvao, a Brazilian steakhouse. It's also a chain, but it does fall into the good food category, and it's a good value if you're a big eater.

            If you're willing to take a 30-minute drive, there are three places that are exactly what you're looking for: Vie in Western Springs, Courtright's in Willow Springs, and Isabella's in Geneva. And if you trip isn't for another couple weeks, a fourth option is Niche, also in Geneva.