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Aug 24, 2006 08:12 PM

Fri night dinner in the North End

Looking for good and moderately priced place for party of 5. Recently went to Euno and was unimpressed. Thinking about Strega, Massimino's or Antico Forno. Any comments on these or suggestions for something else? Grazie!

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  1. Prego! Mamma Maria has a three course chef special that has never dissapointed. I don't know if it is moderately priced, but well worth every penny.

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      I love Mamma Maria, but don't find that it is in the moderate range. However; Antico Forno is :).

    2. Hi,

      I like Antico Forno, and you'd probably enjoy that also.

      Other choices would be La Summa on Fleet St. or L'Osteria.

      1. I haven't been to Massimino's for a few years, but remember it fondly. Antico Forno is excellent, casual, and high-value for the neighborhood, strongly recommended, especially for wood-oven dishes like pizzas and baked pastas.

        Strega is so comically awful on so many counts, I don't know where to begin. It is a cheesy theme-park concept masquerading as a real restaurant. In the sort-of mid-priced range with worthy food, I quite like Carmen.

        I've had a couple of spectacular meals at La Brace lately, but it isn't exactly cheap. It focuses on grilled meats, many of which run to just about $30, with pasta dishes in the low teens, but it's a terrific little neighborhood place, still largely undiscovered, and well worth looking into. Thanks, Limster, for that tip!

        1. Out of the places you mentioned, I'd go with Antico Forno. Another mid-priced restaurant I like on Salem Street is Rabia's.

          1. I'd go with Antico Forno, too. Unlike many places in the North End, they have excellent pizza AND excellent entrees.