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Aug 24, 2006 07:48 PM

LA Hound Movin to 110th and 5th

Any goodies up there?

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  1. Bistro Itzocan - Lex and about 101st Street - great innovative Mexican food - Mexican ingredients, French technique. Welcome to the neighborhood. If you are interested in venturing down to the 90s, let me know and I'll post further. You could also search for "Carnegie Hill" which would bring some nearby options.

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      Hey there --

      I'm a student hanging out at Mt. Sinai for the month, so I'm very happy to have found this thread. I'd love to hear what's avilable down in the 90s on the East side!


    2. There'a very good, very cool (could even be in LA!) Chinese restaurant at 5th Ave & 116th called Ginger. Their ginger beef w/Bok Choy is great.

      There's a good soul food place on 116th near Lenox called Amy Ruth's - pork chops to die for (and probably will ;-))

      And one of the best old-school Italian joints in the city at which you may never get a table - Rao's on 114th at 1st.

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        I keep meaning to try Ginger - thanks for the reminder.

      2. Check out La Fonda Boricua on 106th between Lex & 3rd. I went there for the first time this weekend and was very impressed. It is an airy, relatively stylish, but inexpensive Puerto Rican restaurant. I ordered the chicken soup, steak and onions and the white rice and red beans. All of these items were terrific. The bill came to $14. I would be a regular if I lived in the neighborhood.

        1. There's a great old school italian place that I can't remember the name of on 109th between 1st and 2nd. My dad took me rocked.

          1. If you want to go a bit west, the area just south of Columbia has a few goodies as well... My hubby and I always loved Henry's on 105th and B'way... Nice, well spaced, well lit restaurant, nice bar area, nice outdoor seating and a great menu. We have had everything from salads to crab cakes to steaks to pasta to burgers... Service is terrific, I would recommend it highly...

            Also, for a lovely French dinner in a warm cozy setting, Metisse on 105th betwen B'way and Amsterdam is terrific as well...Traditional French menu from Steak Frites to Fois Gras to Escargot to Salmon to Coq Au Vin, etc...

            Lastly, there is a VERY cool bar on the east side of B'way at 108th St. They have LOTS of TV's and it is laid back with booths and tables and cheap drinks...good tap selection. We used to bring the Sunday paper and hole up there for the games. You can bring in food or order if you like... Really nice people. Hubby's fave for the weekend games...