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Aug 24, 2006 07:47 PM

Ruth Chris: Excellent RW Lunch

Had RW lunch today and it was outstanding!

Another option

14 ounce Prime Strip
14 ounce Prime Rib Eye
Crab Cake
another option

Side dish:
Mashed Potato
Creamed Spinach


An outstanding (and filling!) experience. Highly recommended!

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  1. Those are lunch portions!!!

    1. What was outstanding about it--can you be more specific?

      1. Well, considering that a steak alone at RC is usually $35, and knowing how good the steak is, I'd say that sounds like a pretty incredible deal for $20.06.

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        1. re: shclogic

          I guess. Myself, I *don't* know how good the steak is, but there are few details in the OP's post to explain it. Salad--what kind? "Another option"--mmm, sounds delish. I don't really mean to be snarky, I'm just saying that a few descriptive details, like those Katzzz offered, are useful.

        2. I had RW lunch at Ruth's on Wednesday and was well-pleased. The steaks offered were, if I recall, 12 0z (not 14), which is plenty for lunch -- and normally sell for more than $30, without a side. I had the strip (not transcendent, but satisfying and cooked medium rare as requested) which came WITH a side. Good deal. I had creamed spinach, good stuff. Plus the gumbo as a starter, which was full of Louisiana flavor though it lacked any sizeable pieces of seafood or sausage). Dessert was an average chocolate mousse cheese cake, very light on the cheese element (It was the one and only RW dessert offering; can't they offer at least one other choice?).
          My wife had the same meal, except she went with the salmon entree, available either blackened, poached and, if I recall, grilled. In deference to Ruth's New Orelans origins, she chose the blackned, which was spicy and quite nice.
          We left feeling as if we'd got a bargain Ruth's experience (and with a doggie bag, too), which is what RW is supposed to deliver, right? And while I rarely eat in big money steakhouses such as this (if I'm going to spend big bucks I'd rather spend 'em on more creative cuisine) I'm tempted to return to try the $16 hamburger offered at lunch.
          Anyone had it? How does it compare to the luxury burger at the Bristol Lounge?

          1. Was RC's serving their normal steaks (prime)? I only ask, because Smith & Wollensky's was serving a "choice"-graded steak for RW, not their prime.

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            1. re: Bostonbob3

              Wow, good question. If it was choice and not prime, then all bets are off. I think RC, despite being a chain, has the best steak in Boston now. Better than Capital, better than Mortons, better than A&L, WAY better than Grill 23...but, the downgrade from prime to choice would be quite noticeable, I'm guessing, at least in a cut like a ribeye (which, for the prime steaks, is by far the best).