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Aug 24, 2006 07:44 PM

Plum Tree Inn Re-Opening in Haunted Restaurant Location on Broadway

Several weeks ago someone posted that Plum Tree Inn on Hill St. in Chinatown had been closed down by the health department. It seemed strange at the time that management posted on the door an apology and letter of thanks to their customers, but I guess that was a precursor to them not reopening, as the location has remained closed to the present time. However it seems that Plum Tree Inn is moving over to 911 Broadway, probably best known as the one time location of Golden Palace Restaurant. That location is also believed to be haunted by many in the Chinatown community, supported by the fact that every successor to Golden Palace in that location has gone out of business (as opposed to having been sold to a successor). As I recall there was a gang killing at Golden Palace some 35 years ago and supposedly a workman was killed there during one of the inter-restaurant renovations. In any event it'll be interesting to see Plum Tree in a different location.

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  1. Interesting I love Plum Tree. The best garlicky NY style fat egg rolls in California. Will have to check it out. Having been around so long, I'm surprised that they chose that location, must have been a deal!

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    1. re: davinagr

      Don't do me like that, you evil person. I've been on the hunt for the New York egg roll since I moved here seven years ago. I've eaten so much crappy "Chinese" food in search of this elusive manna that I'm totally soured on the entire cuisine.

      And YOU! Why, you're nothing but an EGG ROLL TEASE!


      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        What exactly is a NY-style egg rool? What are the ingredients?

        1. re: raytamsgv

          If this is like what I remember from growing up in NJ, it's essentially the same as a "spring roll" with one substantial difference: the wrapper is made from a noodle dough with egg in it (like a won-ton wrapper), so when fried it puffs up and blisters a little. Compare this to the eggless spring roll wrapper one commonly encounters around here, where although it gets crispy, the dough never expands at all and stays -- oh, how shall I put it? -- more filo-like.

          Also, whereas a typical spring roll is about an inch in diameter and maybe four inches long, the classic eastcoast cantonese-american restaurant eggroll usually goes an inch and a half to two inches in diameter and a good six inches in length -- enough to be sliced into four pieces before serving.

          This is also what New Yorkers think a burrito looks like.

          1. re: ladelfa

            I think know what you're talking about. They used to make those in Chinese restaurants here a few decades ago. I used to help my dad make them at our restaurant. It's been a while, but I think the filling was made of julienned pork, celery, onion, and cabbage. You roll them up in a flour-based wrapper so it's the aforementioned size. Next, you dip them in an egg mixture and coat with flour. Then we steamed hundreds of them at a time in huge metal versions of bamboo steamers. After they cool and dry, you fry them as ordered by the customers.

            Ye Loy Restaurant in Temple City serves something like this (2 rolls for about $5). But it's nowhere near as tasty as my dad used to make it. Ye Loy is an old-style Cantonese place. The food is adequate--cannot compare to the other Chinese places around here.

            Ye Loy
            9406 E. Las Tunas Dr.
            Temple City

            1. re: ladelfa

              Damn, that's making me hungry, that's how we used to get them at the (long gone) Samoa House in Encino in 1960's.

          2. re: Das Ubergeek

            Heheh. I'm telling you, the egg rolls at this place are to die for. Haven't been in about a year, but everytime I go, I pick up a few orders of the eggrolls from Plum Tree. They're incredible.

        2. Plus for that location is there's a parking lot and will probably be valet.

          1. Wow, NYStyle egg rolls?? I also search and search and find only the dreaded thin spring rolls (that are usually called Egg Rolls on the menu - lies!)

            Das Ubergeek, until Plum Tree reopens, the one place I have found that has fat egg rolls is New Moon, which is in Montrose. The food is very good and the egg rolls are fat and full.

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            1. re: Tom P

              I don't suppose you would know if this New Moon restaurant related to the New Moon restaurant that was located on Ninth and San Pedro about thirty years ago?

              1. re: raytamsgv

                Yes it is--the next generation, I believe. They also have the successor to the 9th and San Pedro restaurant in the garment district (102 W. 9th St.)

              2. re: Tom P

                Most of their food is only OK, but Ghengis Cohen on Fairfax has great big NY egg rolls - the one thing I'll go there for.

                1. re: Tom P

                  Believe it or not the Panda Express chain found in Pavilions markets has a damn good NY style egg roll.

                  The thing is they only have that tame, pre-packaged hot mustard to go with them. I get the egg rolls to go and mix my own sinus clearing Chinese mustard fresh to dip them in.

                2. For anyone interested, Plum Tree Inn is alive and well on Broadway. The food is better than ever and it is now filled with art to look at for the few minutes that you have to wait for your food. I have been going to Plum Tree for so long that my children grew up and know the wait staff and owners. Some things get old, some get better, if you've never been to this restaurant don't miss it.

                  1. Interesting...I've been there when it was GP and when it was Gourmet Carousel. Never noticed anything. I just assume it would be for better traffic or feng shui.

                    Is the new Ru Chuan restaurant (in their old location) related to Plum Tree Inn in any way?