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Aug 24, 2006 07:41 PM

Smith & Wollensky gift certificate - which restaurant???

I have a gift certificate from the Smith & Wollensky Group. Any advice on which restaurant to go to - Smith & Wollensky, Grill @ Smith & Wollensky, Cite, Park Avenue Grill, Quality Meats, Post House or Maloney & Porcelli?


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  1. I personally am a fan of Smith and Wollensky's and the Post House. Don't like the new ones as much.

    1. Whichever one you choose, you might want to wait until Wine Week next month to use your certificate:

      I've liked Maloney and Porcelli. Good food, and a friendlier atmosphere than a lot of steakhouses.

      1. On your list, there's a slight error. It's Park Avenue *Cafe.* Unlike all the others in the Smith & Wollensky Group, it is not a steakhouse. Instead, it's New American cuisine served in a very attractive space with a definite UES vibe. It's been several years since we ate there. That dinner was excellent in all respects, and I certainly recommend it if that's the kind of experience you're interested in having. Acc. to their website, they are still running their "Pay Your Age" promotion after 8 p.m. Whether it's a good deal for you depends on your age and the dollar amount of your certificate.

        We have been to the Post House once. The atmospherics are more refined as steakhouses go (it's located in the very elegant Lowell Hotel), but I did not care for either the food or the service.

        Our one time at Smith & Wollensky, we took along some young visitors from Europe. The food was very good, our server was a hoot, the atmospherics were a bit raucous (in a good way), and we all had a great time.

        1. Quality Meats is the newest and my favorite out of the group! 1 block south of Central Park, comfortable dining room.

          However, if you choose to pass on steak, Park Ave is nice.

          1. We too got a Smith & Wollensky gift certificate and ultimately opted to use it at Cite for the wine dinner. I actually also posted here so you may want to search for that.

            The last time we did the wine dinner there, we thought the food was as good as the unlimited wine. This time it was fine, but nothing special. However, the wines we had were MUCH better than our first go around, but now that the price has been increased to $70, I don't find this as much of a value as it used to be at $60.

            We did the "pay-your-age" thing at Park Ave Cafe one night. The service was horrible, even though we were some of the earlier diners to arrive. Our food came out after everybody around us -- even though they had ordered 1/2 hour after us. The food was average -- good for the price we are paying as we are young, but not really otherwise worth it, and certainly not worth a gift certificate. The dessert was EXCELLENT however.

            I found that young diners do not do well service-wise at Post House. They were incredibly rude to us while being nice to everybody around us. This ticked me off since my husband and I spend a LOT of our income on dinners and we are extremely generous tippers (when we get decent service). This doesn't happen at too many restaurants in the city quite honestly and when it does, it really makes me mad. I don't remember the food so much as the service, which couldn't say much for the service.