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Aug 24, 2006 07:25 PM

Zabb Thai Now In The East Village

244 East 13th Street
Between 2nd and 3rd

Yep, that Zabb from Jackson Heights. This could be a very good thing for the state of Manhattan Thai.

Some people have complained that when they went, they were not given spicy food. Not spicy? Good god, my mouth is on fire! I might've gone a little too far with my spicy insistence but here was my battle plan. I first asked her if she was the same Zabb from Jackson Heights and then told her how much I liked it.

The menu that they have is completely American-speak as in "minced chicken/pork or beef spicy salad." I guessed that was laab and ordered it that way, also saying "I like it spicy!" It came that way and it really is good. The other dish I got was a spicy grilled beef salad. I was hoping that it was like my favorite Sripraphai beef salad with red onion, mint, sliced lemongrass, lime juice, etc. It wasn't really like that, it has a lot of celery, red onion and cherry tomatoes. Not as delicate as Sri's but still good and REALLY SPICY.

So I say go and order dishes by their rightful names. Emphasize spicy and perhaps we can convince them that they don't have to just dumb down and serve the East Village hipster clientele.

Also of note is their tea menu. The place is really sweet looking and I can easily see myself ordering a pot of tea, some sweets and just hanging out.

Oh and it is BYO.

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  1. For real?

    1. Awesome...where is it located?

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      1. re: Simon

        Are you serious? Did you even read my post?

        1. re: Abbylovi

          whoops: in my excitement at Zaab's arrival, i skipped right over the address and read the bulk of the post...*smiles*

      2. Abby is this a branch of Jackson Hts, or did they move?

        Just to mention, Zabb's food is Issan, a different cuisine than Sripraphai presents - with lots of grilled meats and perhaps less subtle spicing. Curries are not a specialty of this region.

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        1. re: jen kalb

          jen, I believe that it is a branch but I didn't ask.

          1. re: jen kalb

            Just called the original. It's still there, and the lady who answered the phone confirmed that they now have a Manhattan branch.

            1. re: jen kalb

              They are best known for their salads. I think the guy use to have a restaurant out in Lambertsville, NJ, but closed because the commute was too far from Queens. I feel the after burn...its the real McCoy.

            2. I've heard about the new outpost but thought I'd give it some time to iron out the kinks. Were there any fish specials? Did you recognize any of the folks from Queens?

              1. it's all very exciting.