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Aug 24, 2006 07:21 PM

A Brunch fit for Jane Austen?

Any ideas for an English-themed brunch for my book club get-together in a few weeks?

I was thinking of:

Covent Garden Quiche

Cucumber sandwiches
Watercress sandwiches
Blueberry Scones

When I stayed at a B&B in England a few years back, I remember having a "traditional English breakfast" consisting of just fried eggs, ham and sliced tomatoes. There has got to be something else, right? Thanks in advance!

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  1. You need some sensual items too, I think... after all, she was a very sensual writer! Maybe some chocolate truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries. Of course, tea is necessary at an English brunch! I'll think about it some more...

    1. baked beans, black pudding re English breakfast

      I had a similar get together recently (for a book club too) and I made sharp white cheddar, green apple sandwiches on thinly sliced crusty raisin bread - you could also do a variation on the cheddar/pickle sandwich
      I also made scones. I also did a trifle for dessert.
      Of course, there's always tea.

      1. I bought a used book on English country cooking, but it is en route to me via media rate (along with far too many other cookbooks) from Wisconsin - I'll be happy to report back w/ some ideas when it arrives.

        1. I love the combo of chicken, grapes and walnut salad. Either on soft wheat on just plain for the dish. Also a COLD jar of white asparagus - inexpensive yet, decadent, Fresh cornichons too. Smoked fish??? Don't forget Devon Cream for the tea and scones.

          1. Sherry!! Must sip some sherry while discussing.

            What about strawberries and cream?