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Aug 24, 2006 06:58 PM

Lunch for the price of a tip!!

Here's a heads up for all you folks heading out to Shea and the U.S.Open these coming days....
I just had a Chicken sandwich off the spit @ Mangal Turkish on 47th Street & Q.B. in my beloved Sunnyside that ran me $4.50.
If your headed out that way, get off @ Bliss Street and wrap up a couple for the trip to Flushing.
They also have some homemade baklava that you'll dream about a few days later.
Water @ the Open will probably cost you more.

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  1. Mangal Kebab is my favorite Turkish. Their lamb gyro is the best, IMO. If you're not into meat, get small meze plate $6 - an assortment of hummus, baba, taboule, and 3 other salads. Comes with homemade Turkish bread - plenty of food. On Saturdays, they have some kind of special dish, choice of chef (he's very secretive about it, unless you come catch him prepping on Friday night you won't know till Saturday).

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      The owners happen to be very nice guys. One of them worked for many years @ the Turkish place on 9th Avenue in Hells Kitchen.
      is it Turkish Kitchen?. Anyway, thanks for the tip on the "Saturday Special"
      I was walking around Skillman Ave. and noticed a new Romanian place between 48-49th Streets.
      Anywone been there yet?

    2. I have, it's called "Acasa", I'll start a new thread on it.

      And I love Mangal Kebab also. Love their freshly made flat bread.