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Aug 24, 2006 06:38 PM

Hell's Kitchen - new (ish) interesting eats?

I am planning on going out in Hell's Kitchen for dinner tomorrow night and would be interested to hear from the board if thoughts on relatively new, interesting, dining spots (Ethnic? Great!) that don't cost a fortune. Thanks.

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  1. El Centro is relatively new (well, it opened late February). It's by the same guy who did Hell's Kitchen, Vinyl, and Xing. 53rd and 9th. It's decent, fun, and affordable.

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    1. re: lesliepc16

      El Centro is new, and 'decent' is perhaps as far as I'd go. But I'd look elsewhere, unless you're in the mood for margaritas.

      Whym is good (58th/9th) and a relative newcomer, if you haven't tried it.



      1. re: Nosher

        El Centro has some really fun Margaritas which are interestingly discounted for a second happy hour from 10-11. I'd eat elsewhere first, though. A friend and I tried the Pozoles and Chilaquiles, both prominently featured entrees. The first was an insult to hominy and tasted less like grits and more like hot water poured over Kix Cereal. The latter had a decent casserole texture but was hopelessly bland.