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Aug 24, 2006 06:30 PM

Wien Konditorei in Koreatown

Just saw this mentioned in another post. Can anyone tell me about it? Does it have traditional Austrian pastry and if so, where exactly is it?

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  1. Not Austrian pastries; just nice European inspired mousses, tarts, cakes, cookies, lots of Asian inflected breads, breakfast pastries, and a nice outdoor seating area overlooking the parking lot....Very affordable prices for the quality you get.

    1. After mentioning Wien myself in the "bakery crawl" thread this morning, I decided it was time to stop just driving past every morning on my way to work, and stopped in.

      It is on the north side of Olympic just west of Normandie. There is a small lot which I've noticed is often full.

      I didn't really know what to try so I picked up several little things: an almond croissant (pretty tasty, a little dry, not a lot of almond paste -- which I actually like), an assortment of little cookies including langues de chat (good - must try with my afternoon cup of tea), cocoa almond cookies (fine), and walnut macarons (okay. not filled, just the crisp little meringue-like cookies), a mystery bun called "melon pan" (have not tried yet), and a "sesame doughnut" -- a gigantic version of the bean-paste filled, sesame covered balls.

      I haven't tried them all yet, but what I have tried has been pretty good, if not earth-shattering. I agree with rbw on the very reasonable prices. Most of the individual pastries are $1 or $1.20, and the little bags of cookies are about $1-$3. I like the combination of traditional European pastries with Asian sweets and flavors. I also picked up a decent iced coffee while I was there.

      I'd like to go back and try one of their mousses or cakes when I have time to sit and enjoy them on the patio. Hopefully they taste as good as they look. They've created a quaint little refuge amid the hubbub of Olympic Blvd.

      Maybe next week I'll finally get around to trying Paris Baguette (also in Koreatown).

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      1. re: jnovgirl don't sound too convincing -- not "socks blown off" convincing! Should I go there, instead of some of the other options, for an afternoon tea and delight?

        1. re: liu

          I'd say definitely stop by if you find yourself in the area -- but I'm not sure I'd cross town for it.

          I think I read in an earlier post on Paris Baguette that it might be better than Wien. There was an L.A. Times article on them a couple months ago, but it's in the archives ($) now.

        2. re: jnovgirl

          i think you will like paris baguette much better.

          1. re: love2eat

            In searching for the exact address of Paris Baguette (125 North Western Avenue), I noticed that they have red bean beignets...MMMMmmmmmm -- my interest is piqued!

            This is where I will be after dim sum on Saturday morning as I am working my way westward.

            1. re: liu

              They're the same sort of chapssal doughnuts that Wien and Cake House Galleria have.

          2. re: jnovgirl

            The macaron actually are filled-- they're just not filled with lots of...umm...filling, for the lack of a less redundant-sounding word.

            Per your cookie choices, I would've chosen the dacquoise, green tea cookies, madeleines, lemon/orange cookies, etc. Cakes are better than the pastries...And sesame doughnut? I don't think I'd noticed that one before.