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Aug 24, 2006 06:24 PM


Does anyone have any thoughts on CIUDAD. We will be in LA for the food show with a group of people.

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  1. I think it's pretty good, if occasionally inconsistent. I am more familiar with their lunch menu than their dinner offerings, and I generally like their beef soft tacos and their sandwiches and salads. Every once in a while I get something that's dramatically over salted or has some other problem, but they have been good about addressing problems that are brought to their attention. Their pastry chef is talented, I think, and the torta de tres leches with mango sauce, in particular, is excellent.

    1. I think they are very inconsistent. On the day I saw Mary Sue walking around, it was fantastic. A week later, it was uninspired. Happy hour is okay and I can swallow the bad service much more easily with happy hour prices.

      I like Border Grill much better (though they also have a problem with the little things).

      1. I just ate there last night, and had very good service and good food. My strong recommendation is to go for lunch when the prices aren't as steep--most dinner entrees are above $20 and climb quickly from there.

        gourmetla's point about happy hour prices is also well taken. I love their caipirinhas, but at $11.50 a pop, it gets a little dear.

        1. I like to sit at the bar, sip drinks and munch on the Apps which to me are the best part of the menu.

          1. What is the Sunday night tapas night like? Acceptible as a pre-theatre stop?

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              oily and relatively bland...I'd skip it.