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Aug 24, 2006 05:58 PM

lunch around 37th & Broadway?

Well, my office is moving further away from my beloved K-town in a couple of months, and the first thing I think is, where am I going to eat lunch?? I mean, I have my priorities straight, please. Anyway, any suggestions? I know I will be closer to Szechuan Gourmet. I am mostly interested in any kind of asian, a place with udon soup, a place with cheapish takeout sushi, and I know there are a lot of kosher places over there, I would love to know if anyone knows a place for good matzoh ball soup. Any other suggestions also appreciated. I try to keep my lunch budget to under $10 including tip. TIA!!

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  1. K-Town has grown, and out-posts can be found as far north as 36th Street. Try Han Bat, 36th street just east of 6th Avenue. Just to the left of Han Bat, there is another Korean Restaurant, but unfortunately the name escapes me. This place makes there own tofu, and is really excellent for traditional Korean Fare.

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      Right! I actually frequently go to the korean/chinese place next to han bat. Can't wait to try the tofu place, I love handmade tofu. Thanks!

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        Han Bat is on 35 St. The place that makes the artisanal tofu (also on 35 St.) is Cho Dang Gol. There are Korean restaurants on 36 St., though: Woo Chon, near 5th Av., and another place I've seen mentioned on this board but haven't been to yet.

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          Right, 35th. I think I have actually been to Cho Dang Gol, but looks like it's time for another visit.

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            right you are Pan- Cho Dang Gol on 35th st.
            Thanks for the correction.

        2. I don't know if this is too far for you but sunnydesu posted this in the Japanese noodle thread and it is high on my list:

          Saburi on 31th & Lex. have a tasty Hiyahi-chuka. The cheif is a Chinese from Japan. He lived in Japan for 7 years working at Chinese restaurant in major chain hotel in Kobe. The chef knows how Japanese like this summer noodle that is originated in China and brought into Japan as Hiyashi-chyuka

          The chef’s taste is very close to what I remember as Wayou-Chyuka. “Wa” is Japan and “Chyu” is China. So it could read as Japanese-Chinese. There are many restaurant specialized as such in Japan.

          Because of the chef has the taste, I dig his choice of flavor. You have to try to know. They also offer other dishes and mostly good.

          I recommend going there early so that the chef is not too busy or too tired. Avoid during busy hours, I had few disappointed experiences. They started to open late as 3 AM most of the week but I am sure that hours are catering to drinking people who wants to eat late and drink more... I don’t drink and never been at that hours.

          What I liked and surprised me was Una-jyu. Eel on rice. That was so soft in side and nicely sweet and grilled outside. It was in this sone ball and hot and was sizzling.

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            Hmm, this is too far from the new office, but not to far from where I am now!! And I'm not moving for a while yet. Sounds really interesting! Thanks!

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