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Aug 24, 2006 05:54 PM

Drinks in Rockridge Area

We're having dinner at Oliveto Saturday night and want to meet some friends for drinks beforehand. Any recommendations?

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  1. A Cote, right down the street. Great cocktails, the bar can be a little busy, though.

      1. I'd go to Ben and Nick's for the relatively laid-back atmosphere.

        A Cote (until late in the evening) and Pearl Oyster Bar are too crowded and noisy for my taste.

        1. Hey, Matt C---are you joking about the Hut? I like the place, but I think it makes for a funny pre-oliveto stop. Almost as divey as the grad :)

          1. Walking distance, your best bet is Ben & Nick's (which is a fine place if you are not eating). I also like the bar at Oliveto, but it could be crowded. A little further down College is the Tiki Room upstairs from Rustica (more of a longer walk). The other direction is Barclays (great beer selection), but that can be crowded depending upon what's on the tv.