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Dragonfly Lounge - Stamford CT - How is it?

Has anyone tried the new Dragonfly Lounge in Stamford (formerly Playwrights)?? If so, is it worth the trip?

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  1. Well, it is still cute. Drinks are good. I have not eaten but the menu is small plates with interesting ideas (General Tsos calamari,grilled pizzas). I have heard the rock shrimp is great.

    1. I ate there right after they opened and it was pretty decent. We had a nice bottle of wine (though our waitress didn't know how to use a cork screw and the manager had to do it for her) for a resonable amount. We also had the sea bass skewers (very tasty and unique), the frites (came in a paper cone and were crispy) which were really tasty, and a cheese plate (which had a nice variety, but needed more bread/crackers). The decor and atmosphere is kind of dark and velvety, kimd of in an Ann Rice/Harry Potter kind of way, but you get used to it. We moved out of Stamford shortly after, so we haven't been back, but if we were still living there I bet we would have been back by now.

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        THEY SKIMP BIG TIME ON PORTIONS...but it has great atmosphere and the food is worth at least one try

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          The portions are small because they had a "small plates" concept without an accompanying "big plates" menu. This has changed in the last twp weeks, and they now have "big plates" available as a menu section:

          Big Plates

          Blackened Tilapia
          Tilapia/sweet potato purée/lime crème fraîche/onion straws/candied walnuts

          Pad Thai
          Rice noodles/pad thai sauce/peppers/squash/bean sprouts/snow peas/roasted peanuts

          Filet Mignon
          Black Angus 10 oz. filet mignon/carmelized shallot mashed potatoes/spinach gratin/bordelaise sauce

          Sesame Encrusted Ahi Tuna
          Ahi tuna/wasabi potato purée/baby bok choy/ponzu sauce

          Farm Raised Chicken
          Organic thigh & breast/spaetzle/wilted spinach/pan gravy

          Shrimp Fra Diavolo
          Shrimp/linguine/pepper flakes/green olives/cioppino sauce/marinara sauce

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            Here is where I could find a menu...It was a bit hard to find!


      2. Eaten there once, a while ago, when my DJ friend held an event there to help them out and had the lamb chops - it was great then and haven't been back for a long while.

        1. I was there last week and found it delicious and a very unique menu.

          1. I think it's a great place place for really good drinks and snacks. The lobster nachos are great!!

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              I will have to agree with foody, the Lobster Nacho's were amazing. My wife also got a ravioli app that was amazing. The entrees on the other hand left something to be desired. But i'd def go back for drinks and apps

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                Lately I have eaten at the Dragonfly quite a bit due to various work functions, happy hours, etc. The food is great. Last time I brought my boyfriend there and we had a GREAT meal. We both agreed that this place is a hidden gem. Great location, great ambiance, excellent service, and nice food. We shared five small plates for a flat fee. Great deal. We picked: Eggplant Frites, Smoked Gouda Ravioli, Lobster Nachos, General Tso's Calamari, and the Spicy Tuna Crunch Roll. The ravioli was a little heavy and rich, otherwise everthing was yummy. The Lobster Nachos and the General Tso's Calamari are a can't miss!!! We had the Banana Three Ways for dessert. How we still had room for dessert, I'll never know. LOL Yummmmm... Unfortunately, the bottle of white wine that we wanted was not in stock, but the bartender came over and offered an alternative which was delish. Looking forward to going back to Dragonfly very soon.