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Aug 24, 2006 05:47 PM

Dinner before the Taper?

I am trying to figure out where to eat on saturday before seeing a show at the Mark Taper theater. I don't want to eat outside the theatre and I am considering Chinatown, what is the best choice there? Also, I have never been to the Water it still wonderful? If all else fails, we could just hit Langer's where I have never been.....but I've read about for years. As you can see I am all over the map, what would you do?

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  1. Water Grill is still wonderful.

    In Chinatown, a mainstay is Empress Pavilion.

    1. langer's closes at 4pm so keep that in mind.

      water grill is great. i highly recommend it.

      if you want a more laid back dinner before the show, check out petes cafe on 4th and main. their hellman burger and bleu cheese fires are delish!

      1. Last threads have indicated that E.P. is on the down fall. Try Ocean Seafood. It's good but, can be $$ if you're not careful.
        How about: Pete’s Café and Bar 400 S. Main St., (213) 617-1000.
        or The Hungry Cat :) KQ

        1. Great question ... we've had season tickets to the MT Forum for two years now and always seem to wind up eating close to home prior to driving downtown or noshing on something from the outside courtyard. We keep saying that we'd like to find a place by the Forum and never manage to do it before the next show.

          I heard some people saying that they dine at Kendall's but we've never been there. Anyone know anything about the place? Any other places within walking distance?


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            I've only eaten at Kendall's a couple of times, but was not impressed. It's convenient. Back when it was Otto's you could often find cast members there after the show -- don't know if that still holds.

            On the Taper website you can find a list of places nearby with shuttles that might be even better than walking.

            1. re: Capybara

              lovely ... thanks so much for the response!

          2. Pacific Dining Car, the old steak tradition, has a shuttle. My last two meals there were a bit disappointing, but it is a possibility.