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Aug 24, 2006 05:36 PM

Help! Seeking lunch spot in Beverly Hills for today!

Looking for a nice (but not super expensive) place for a sit down in lunch in Beverly Hills (preferably close to Beverly and Olympic). Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thinking Jack N Jills for salads, etc. Any other ideas? TIA Chowhounds.

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  1. casual? business?

    on Beverly between Wilshire and Olympic there are a dozen restaurants......

    Piccolo Paradiso is great italian- same owner as Il Buco, Il Pastaio, Panzanella

    Frida Restaurant is upscale mexican- yum

    1. Highly recommend Frida. Huge portions, decent prices, great service.

      I would also consider The Farm for salads and entrees (and the brownie a la mode).

      1. The resteraunt owned by the Ahn family on Little Wilshire is very good for lunch.

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          This is a new one for me....normalheightsfoodie, can you be a little more specific...where is this, what kind of food, name of restaurant (and mark me ignorant, I know Little Santa Monica, but I don't know "Little Wilshire"?

        2. It is Crustacean, I could not remember the name when I orignally posted.