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Aug 24, 2006 05:33 PM

Cesar's on Piedmont

I went to the new Cesar's on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Same basic menu as Shattuck spot. Much bigger and very loud. I sat at the bar. Bar staff more interested in talking to each other rather than taking care of customers. Good tapas - very over priced. By the time I left the place was packed with 20 somethings with a line out to the street. I rather rather go to A'Cote on College Ave in Rockridge. Mike is the best bartender in the Bay-area.

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  1. A friend who went last week said they waited from 6:30 to 8:30 for a table, but the food was great and they had a good time.

    1. Here's an earlier thread about Cesar on Piedmont:

      I found the menu to be MUCH more extensive than the Berkeley location. I got lucky the two times I've been and haven't had to wait that long, I'm sure it'll quiet down after the first rush is over. Interestingly, I think that A Cote has gotten slower because of Cesar -- the other night at 8 we were thinking about going to Cesar, but drove by and saw the crowd of people outside, so went to A Cote and were seated right away.

      1. I'm that friend, and we're going back again tonight. We never tire of Cesar- the piedmont store is just more of what we like cesar for......

        1. Went last night (Thurs) - given an estimate of 30 min wait when we arrived at 7:30p; others patiently waiting on the sidewalk. Thought the bartendar was attentive and drew us into getting a drink while we stood and waited for a table. Ended up securing seats at the bar and ordered food there. Definitely busy and loud. Yes same food as Shattuck but still tasty. Don't miss the cinnamon chocolate ice cream!! I'd say go before the weather turns and they lose the sidewalk seating.

          1. A friend and I went for a late-afternoon lunch last weekend and I like it a lot better than the original. The higher ceilings and more widely spaced tables make it less noisy, and the longer menu is a plus. No tortilla, that's just wrong. How can a tapas bar not have tortilla?

            They have a small room with a round table for ten or so that can be curtained off for private parties.