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Aug 24, 2006 05:31 PM

Midwestern Fish Fry?

I spent a few years in Milwaukee Wisconsin and miss the Friday night all you can eat fish fry feasts - are there any in the area? (you know all you can eat fried fish,potato salad , german potato salad, potato pancakes, coleslaw etc...

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  1. Jimmy's Tavern in Herndon has a Friday night fish fry. The atmosphere is friendly and I have no complaints about the fish. They even have peroigis on the appetizer list - they are a little to thick but not bad overall.

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      I definitely second Jimmy's. Note that the fish is only on Friday. The whole menu is good outside of apps, which let me down. Actually the food is Great for a bar.

      I think there's a place downtown, with a church? I went a looong time ago, and if I remember correctly it's sorta around 12th and P, but I didn't know the area well when I went, and it's been 7 years now.

    2. Originally from Milwaukee area myself, I share your longing for some good fish fry with all the traditional extras you mentioned. Fish & Chips and Southern fried fish are great, but I'm missing the Wisconsin style too. So thanks for posting this; I haven't had anything that really comes close so I'm interested in where this thread leads.

      Anything in or near the District would be fantastic. I might head out to Herndon to give Jimmys a try.

      1. As a side note, the Midwestern Fish Fry was the cover and main article in this past month's Saveur.

        1. A friend has a cabin in St Mary's county (Southern Maryland) and during my trips down there, I've noticed signs for several fish fries put on as fund-raisers by various churches, sportsmen's clubs, fire departments, and so forth, in addition to the more common bull and oyster roasts, pancake breakfasts, chicken BBQs, crab feasts and steak nights. You may want to check community events calendars for the the southern Maryland counties either on-line or in the newspapers.

          Granted, these events are usually an annual thing, rather than a weekly, but they may be the closest thing to what you are looking for, other than the place in Herndon that has already been mentioned.

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            Great point. I'm from the midwest, so I was unfamiliar with the common ham and oyster dinners out here, but I seek them out in the fall.

            I went to an amazing fish fry, though, in Madison a few years back at the American Legion hall, complete with a bluegrass band made up of mainly some pretty elderly folks. One of the best experiences ever anywhere - really a bit of time travel in some senses. That was in the fall, but I don't think there's any way to find out the exact week short of calling them and hoping they call back with the info.