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Aug 24, 2006 05:26 PM

Strip House

This is a comment not so much on the food, which is the same as ever, nice sides, steak that is tasty if not in the top-of-the-field Lugers/Sparks range, but on their reservations policy.

I want to know if ANYONE has ever been seated on time there. Everytime I go there I am asked to "enjoy a drink" at the bar, no matter what time (early or late) my actual reservation is for. Last night, the table at least manifested itself during our first drink, it's been known to stretch to two in the past.

After a 15 minute wait, we were first offered a lounge table, and told it would be 15-20 additional minutes for a "real" table. It didn't take quite that long, but still...we made the reservation ages ago, don't try to put us in the lounge. :(

I wonder why I go back under those circumstances. That's an existential question that I don't expect you guys to answer.

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  1. we had a reservation for about 6ish and we were seated right away, after my sister arrived to complete the party of 2. Based on other postings about your issue, we purposely booked early as we knew that the table would be empty. another party of 2 did the same thing and all was ok also. my recommendation is to go for an early reservation.

    1. I had to wait a little over 30 mins on a weekday around 9 pm. That was my first and only time there. I didn't know about the waits at Strip House, and none of the host staff informed us of any wait, so it was a really unpleasant experience.

      1. I also was a bit po'd on my hubby's b-day... I wrote about this in previous threads. I made mention of the special occasion on both open table and when confirming, not to mention when we arrived and we are always very nice to the hostess as well as bartender and waitstaff. Not only did we have to wait upwards of 40 minutes (add two expensive drinks each to that tab), they completely ignored our request regarding seating and we were squished in surrounded by large parties...
        We were sorta told, take it or leave it but not that harshly...

        Food was very good but we have also not returned...

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          Mine was for my boyfriend's b-day. Same deal--informed them of special occasion on opentable and over the phone. Fortunately, we got a big standalone table when we finally sat down.