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Aug 24, 2006 05:20 PM

Going to Vancouver

First time in Vancouver and would like ideas on both ends of the spectrum. Would love some ethnic food, seafood and generally good spots. Thanks.

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  1. Just returned from a trip out West, including Vancouver. We ate at Chambar, a somewhat trendy restaurant in Yaletown. Very nice. Menu covers all types of food, from seafood to duck (which I had). Also ate at the Cannery in the wharf area of Vancouver. Somewhat pricey but beautiful view of the sunset over the harbour. Great for a splurge. Had fish and chips at Go Fish next to Granville Island. Really really good. Great coleslaw came with it. Be prepared to line up and wait for your food. Finally, had sushi at Shiro Sushi on Cambie. Great salmon, excellent Soft Shell Crab Roll and generlly an excellent place for sushi.

    Sorry for not being more specific as to foods etc. but have to run.

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      GO FISH was awesome! The Tacones (fish tacos) are a must!

    2. Thanks for the reply. First visit there and trying to get a good hold of the ethnic scene.

      1. I was there about ten years ago so my memory is vague... but speaking generally, I remember a good restaurants in Kitsilano (a nice beach neighborhood a short walk from downtown) and Chinatown is great (probably more so now that people have moved from Hong Kong). There are many great restaurants downtown and it is easy and nice to just walk around this beautiful city and check menus. There's a also mall/market area that I wouldn't waste time with. Have fun, I wish I were going to Vancouver again.

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          I would pass on Chinatown, definitely. The influx of Hong Kon immigrants has been great for food, but only in Richmond, which is now basically a chinese suburb. Unfortunately, Chinatown has basically deteriorated and has become very rundown. The last time I ate there, there was a nasty little surprise in the bottom of my dish. Unfortunately the little critter didn't even add any flavor to the food.

        2. As an ex-Vancouverite who visited this summer I would recommend:
          - Any of the 3 Banana Leafs - delicious Malaysian food.
          - Vij's - always highly rated East Indian nouveau cuisine, subtly spiced.
          - The Watermark on Kits Beach for lunch overlooking the ocean. New and stylish room.
          - C Restaurant for asian fusion seafood - always an interesting menu.
          For useful information visit the Vancouver Magazine website, Restaurant Awards. Any of the restaurants listed there are going to be a good experience.

          1. I would pass on Watermark. The view is the only good thing about this restaurant. If you want a view restaurant that does decent food and you don't mind dropping some money go to Lift. If you want great food without a view then dine at West, Rare, Le Crocodile or "C" (actually C has a great view). For medium priced fare dine at Chambar or Brix. Seafood I would eat at Joe Fortes (all the tourist do) or the Cannery. Ethnic try Vij's and Dim SUm at the Imperial.