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Aug 24, 2006 05:19 PM

A Good Chinese Addition: Pret A Manger

A relatively new addition to the noodle shops in the Guy-Concordia area is Pret-A-Manger. The name of the restaurant is deceiving because it serves Cantonese style cooking.

For fans of Beijing in Chinatown, I must say that is it slightly superior than Beijing and in a great location. I think the owners were former employees of Beijing as he is very familiar looking. Prices are very decent for the location.

I can't vouch for the quality of everything that is on the menu but what I tried yesterday and my companion that has been there on more than one occasion has said most (ie. 9/10) of what he's tried is good.

There are two menus both in french/english/chinese. I can't remember in English what I was on the larger one page double sided 8x11 sized menu. One was chicken in a heated pot, the other was breaded fish something and the other was a tofu, vegie & sea cucumber dish. All was good and service was attentive & polite considering it is a chinese restaurant.

Just spreading the word out to keep something that is decent alive...many chinese restaurants in the area have closed recently.

Location is corner of St-Mathieu & Ste-Catherine: 1809 Ste-Catherine 514-931-8889

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  1. i do like it but i think wok cafe's got the upper hand

    1. Sorry can't compare. Wok Cafe caters to the Americanized Chinese Food market. PAM does good "authentic" Cantonese but they do have american chinese food but I can't attest to it.

      I don't touch egg rolls or fried rice or general tao after being raised & working in such restaurants throughout my childhood. ;)

        1. Kit thanks for your post, I will make sure to check it out.

          I also must mention that I have been going to the Wok for several years and have never had a bad meal.

          "I don't touch egg rolls or fried rice or general tao" "Wok Cafe caters to the Americanized Chinese Food market" KIT

          It is unfair of you to allude that they only serve "Americanized Chinese Food"

          I agree that a lot of their biz, is their one page recto verso "specials" menu.

          This menu is filled with General Tao, Chicken Fried Rice other Americanized items but also has a few Cantonese choices.

          They also have a three page recto verso al la carte menu filled with fine authenic Cantonese items.

          This is the menu I personally order from and I always enjoy what I choose.

          The dumplings are good, great salt & pepper shrimp and chicken black pepper spinach etc.

          Also what makes them successful it is a family run place and and they are very polite and nice folks, not mention the fair prices.

          While many other places have opened and closed their business just gets better by the day, they must be doing something right.

          1. I quite enjoy the food in Pret-a-manger.
            It offers a lot of the finer dishes, like steamed fish, lobster in various styles, thai style noodle soup, even snake meat soup for a limited time in last winter.

            Whenever I am in that area of downtown and feel like having Chinese food, Pre-a-manger is my first choice.

            I believe that the owner is a former wailter in Beijing restaurant(Chinatown)
            and the chef is the former head chef of Beijing as well.