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Aug 24, 2006 04:54 PM

Dinner on/near Rt. 9?

I am going to an event at Brimmer&May, off Hammond St. in Chestnut Hill, coming in Rt. 9 from 128. Is there anyplace to have a pleasant bite to eat - nothing too fancy or time-consuming - along the way? Any cuisine OK.

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  1. Dunn and Gaherins is just off Route 9 in Newton Upper Falls (the Eliot Street exit, just east of Route 128). It is a (usually) mellow Irish pub and restaurant that has good burgers and chicken dishes.

    1. If you like things off the grill (ribs or barbecued chicken) La Rotisserie in Chestnut Hill lower mall is a good quick stop. Only a few tables but most people come in for takout so you should be able to get seated.There's a Legal Seafood in the lower mall and you can get relatively quick service at the bar.

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        I'll second this for the food (not the seating). They make a great roast beef sandwich - warm rare meat, good bread, great side dishes.

      2. Lots of options for quick and not too fussy.A great little sushi bar right on rte. 9 eastbound right after the intersection where the Shaw's is. Bernard's in the Chestnut Hill mall is decent Chinese. Baker's Best in Newton Highlands is a solid choice, as is Farm Grill (Greek) on Needham St. off of Centre. There is also a Pho Pasteur in the Atrium Mall.

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          i believe that great little sushi bar you're describing is oiishi sushi which is highly praised on this board (and in the city in general).

          aquitaine bis and la rotisserie across the street. avoid legal seafood. the chestnut hill location has particularly terrible service. i had the worst service of my life there.

          1. re: rebs

            I've eaten at that Legal probably 10 times over the years and never noticed a problem with service. Typically it's quite bland and sterile service, but acceptable.

            Can anyone expoud on la rotisserie? Never heard of it. Is it new?

            1. re: Dax

              Sort of an upscale Boston Market, altho this does not do justice to the excellent rotisserie chicken, ribs, turkey, roast beef, and occasional roast pork or lamb. Excellent side dishes. Been there for quite awhile now, does a brisk takeout business.

            2. re: rebs

              Sushi at Oishii's is an unvelievable experience, but certainly does not meet your criteria for not being time consuming. It is a teeny tiny restaurant and there is generally a long line. If you can ever make it right when it opens, though, it is not to be missed.

          2. The Metropolitan Club and Aquitaine Bis are right by that intersection. I've never eaten at the Met (or that outpost of Aquitaine) but Joanie seems to like it. Those are more upscalish without requiring fancy pants.

            Dunn and Gaherins is ok, but nothing special.

            1. Decisions, decisions - thanks, everyone!