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Aug 24, 2006 04:40 PM

Four (poor) girlfriends getting together for dinner... help!

I am getting together with three girlfriends on Tuesday night for dinner. We are looking for a great deal (inexpensive, but good and healthy food with a nice atmosphere) in Manhattan. Great drink options would be a plus! One of us is a vegetarian so there should be a few "non meat" options on the menu as well.

I read all of your posts religiously and know you all will have some good ideas for us. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Go to High Line- its a cute thai resto in the Meatpacking District, inexpensive. Also, try Uncle Nick's Ouzaria in Hells Kitchen. You can get a bunch of tapas and share!

      1. sofrito on east 57th btwn 1st and york is great, well priced , good drinks and plenty of veggie options

        1. Ivo and Lulu is BYO in the east village. Amazing. Also, there is a fun Venezualean place in E Vill called Caracas that has good food and is BYo and cheap. Moustache is E Vill and W Vill and is also very good.

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            Ivo and Lulu is by the Holland Tunnel in Way West Soho, not at all close to the East Village. It is BYOB however, and the food is very good french-caribbean and cheap as hell. However, the menu is very short (maybe 4-5 options per course) but should have some veggie options.

            Caracas Arepa Bar is in the East Village, but is not BYOB. It would still probably be a fun place for a Tuesday night. There's an abundance of veggie-friendly stuff.

            Both are good options, but neither has good drinks (BYO at Ivo and Lulu and Caracas only has beer and wine).

            To consider:
            Lima's Taste in the west village - fun, cheap, cool joint. I remember being pretty buzzed last time I left there - they have good red and white sangria.

            1. re: Andrew P.

              I was actually at Caracas the other day, and the new restaurant they opened two doors down is BYOB. The first time I went it wasn't, so I am not sure if it will remain so... if you do go there, I strongly recommend the mixed salad to go along with an arepa. It was one of the best salads (combination of fresh ingredients, and great dressing) I have ever had.

          2. 'Inoteca on the Lower East Side would work. It's very cheap to split some starters and a few panini and bruscetta and a bottle of wine. Great big windows and people watching, also, and they'll let you linger and eat at your own pace.