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Aug 24, 2006 04:38 PM

Paris: Chez Toutoune - gone?

Chez Toutoune was at 5, rue de Pontoise. Seems to me that I heard Colette Dejean closed the restaurant some years ago. Is it true? If so, does anyone know if she ever opened in another location?

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  1. I believe it is closed and I have not heard anything about Colette. However, there is a very nice, modern place called Le Petit Pontoise at 7 or 9 Pontoise.

    For a great 6 course meal try L'Os a Moelle in the 15th arr.

    1. I wouldn't call Le Petit Pontoise modern. However, I fully agree, it IS a nice place with delicious food, indeed.
      Since it's not all that large, reservation is highly recommended.