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Aug 24, 2006 04:33 PM

Eagle Cafe at Pier 39

After reading some positive posts here and at Yelp, I had breakfast there this morning. Whoever said this place had good,reasonably priced breakfasts had their head up their ass. For two people, we both had omelettes, coffee and OJ, the total was almost 50 bucks. And the food was no better than Denny's. My god, was this place awful.


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  1. Thanks for the update on the prices. As someone with her head up her ass, it has been a few years since I've stopped by Eagle. At that time the top-priced item was $12.95, and that was for a salad with major seafood in it.

    Took a look at the menu and it seems prices have changed.

    Heck, the fact that they HAVE a menu is a major change. Before it was just a big sign board with about a dozen dishes.

    Did you have the shrimp omelette ($15.95)?

    The menu seems to have changed quite a bit. They have an oyster bar now with Blue Points, Fanny Bay, Hood Canal, Tamales Bay, Royal Miyagi, Hog Island, Kumamoto, Cheseapeke Bay oysters.

    That wasn't the Eagle Cafe I knew. And $13 for a half a dozen oysters, while competitive isn't cheap.

    They DO have cherrystone clams on the half-shell as well as Little Necks, Top Necks, clams casino, baked stuffed clams and oysters Rockefeller. The cherrystone clams, however, are at a heart-stopping $14 for FOUR cherrystone clams, that DOES exceed any SF price standards.

    Hmmmm ... $35 for salt and pepper crab ... $32 for grilled salmon ... $16 Fish tacos ... $7 garlic fries ... $7 onion rings... $26 for fried salmon and chips ... and wild salmon at that ... not the Eagle Cafe I knew.

    Oh, and now they are serving either chili OR clam chowder in a sourdough roll ... so wrong ... ESPECIALLY at ten bucks.

    There seem to be one or two relatively inexpensive items like pancakes or French toast for $7, but the 1928 silver dollar pancakes are going for $8 for six mini-pancakes.

    Not the Eagle of just a few years ago.

    At that time it was still just a breakfast joint where you had a nothing-fancy decent breakfast with a great view at good prices.

    I can't speak of the quality of the food at the current time. The recent Yelp review seem happy with it ... but they are also calling it a bargain. Looking at the menu, it no longer qualifies as that. I hope you will post your experience on Yelp too so other people will know what to expect.

    That's why it is always so good to get updates even if people think a place has been discussed a milliion times.

    I do want to check it out myself because if the quality is still decent in my opinion, well, it's Pier 39 and there is a nice view and if the food is good ... anyway, there's another restaurant I wanted to check out on Pier 39.

    Just curious, is there a table service now or do you still have to place an order at the counter and wait for your number to pick it up? If this joint is still self-serve at those prices, it is a scandal.

    Thanks again for the warning. I'll add your post to my Fisherman's Wharf restaurant report so people have a different viewpoint.

    At the very least they should not expect an inexpensive restaurant.

    1. Sounds like yet another decent place ruined by tourists' expectations and not having to worry about repeat business.

      1. Table service. If you can call it that. We went before my gf had to be at work and we sat there for almost 15 minutes before anyone brought water/coffee/menus and the place was half empty. I couldn't believe the price of the little pancakes,either but I was hoping the quality would make up for the prices. No way,Jose.Shrimp omelette was so bad I ended up sending it back.

        1. Yep! You are right on about the Eagle. We went there last month. At the old Eagle you ordered at the counter. The new method was a waitress who was extremely disorganized and a kitchen which could only get out one order at a time. It took about 20 minutes to get our order even though the place was not busy. Coffee was close to $3.00 and not that good. The food also was cold when it arrived. I'm sure only tourists will go there unknowingly.