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Aug 24, 2006 04:14 PM

I finally experienced Brent's Deli...

A close friend of mine took me to Brent's Deli last week for a very late lunch. He lives in westlake village, i live in sgv - he convinced me to make the drive since his son is training there in preparation for his job at their new location in the thousand oaks area. It actually made me a little sad - one of the best deli's i've ever been to ...but man...that was a long drive !! so here's the question - what is comparable to brent's in the sgv ? from pasadena to san dimas - if there's an equal...great...a close second to Brent's.....also great ...H E L P !!

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  1. I am afraid you are out of luck-there is nothing close in the sgv. However, take heart, it is impossible to get anything close to authentic Chinese food in the sfv! I would much rather be close to authentic Chinese food than Jewish deli food and I am Jewish!

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      good point !! a few months ago i wrote a brief food adventure i had walking down valley blvd in sgv - claro's italian mkt/deli, 888 ( dim sum ) and banh mi at a local place ( i've since tried che cali which is next to 888 and mr baquette which is just a few blocks up the street - two awesome banh mi shops ) it was quite the experience - it might be foodie overload if brent's was in the area...oh yeah, i forgot, petrillo's pizza is a short walk away too !!

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        Same here. We live in Sherman Oaks and we drive to SGV regularly for Chinese food, and we've been to Brent's like twice in the last 5 years, only because we were already in the neighborhood. It's fine but we don't go out of our way for deli.

      2. Brent's original location is in Northridge at Corbin and Parthenia. Is this where you came to?? or the new location?? Nothing compares... :(
        Have you tried Porto's for lunch?? It's on Brand and Calif. Glendale. Not a deli I know but, great lunch sammy's, salads and desserts. :) KQ

        1. We live in the SGV as well, and the deli we go to is Billy's, in Glendale. In my opinion, Billy's has the best chopped chicken liver. Anyway, we really like the place!