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Aug 24, 2006 03:57 PM

Favorite Kitchen Utensil....What's Your Fav that You Can't Do Without??

I'm looking for a couple of gifts and thought that some tried and true kitchen utensils (please be brand specific) that work better than any other similar products, might be a good choice. You know what I mean...that great potato peeler that is the best you found after using 20 other different kinds and scraping the skin off your fingers..LOL That's the type of knowledge I am seeking. Thanks in adavnce for your replies.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a good knife, but I don't know your budget, and your friend may have all he/she needs. FWIW, I'm very happy with my Wusthoffs. Something that would make a good gift for the home chef is Henckels kitchen shears. They can cut through a chicken in no time. Not too expensive.

    1. I had to answer this question recently on my girly board... My absolute I'd buy again totally is our Spoontulas from Surfas. I bake quite a bit and I love it for mixing (Because you can spoon it up and scrape at the same time! :)) and I love it for getting ever last BIT of batter from the bowl to my pan. It also comes apart in two pieces so we can clean every last inch...

      They look kinda like this:


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        I totally second the spoontula. Hands down, the utensil I use every time I cook. That, and my Swissmar potato peeler. Will never use any other type. Oh, and the Good Grips liquid measuring cup that has the graduated measurements on an angle so that you can view them from the top of the cup. Calphalon santoku knife. And lastly, definitively, the Microplane grater. Amazing.

      2. The Zyliss garlic press is the best thing I've added to my kitchen in a really long time.

        You can press garlic without peeling it and it's a charm to clean.

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        1. re: SnackHappy

          I got one as a present and I keep running out of garlic now. It's just too easy to add them to a dish! Great product.

        2. Stainless Steel Safe Hands Mandoline

          I just got this model to replace my old one. It gets used almost every day.

          1. Good knives, of course! But also first-class tongs are indispensable--they function like an extra hand. The best ones I've found are the ones from OXO which lock shut for storage.

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            1. re: fauchon

              Definitely my tongs. I use them for just about every kind of cooking. I don't like the ones that have that pull-tab at the end to open and close, though.

              1. re: SarahEats

                I just saw tongs in an English magazine that have silicone "ends" - looks perfect for non stick purposes.