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Aug 24, 2006 03:38 PM

Knife Sharpening in Somerville?

Now that Siraco's has closed, I'm looking for a new knife sharpener. Any recommendations, besides my local butcher?

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  1. They have several drop off points including ones in Cambridge (Leavitt and Pierce), Arlington (the Fabric Corner), and Everett. They also have a van outfitted for sharpening and someone mentioned they would be going to the Union Sq Farmer's Market. They gave me their card and said the number would not be changing -- 617-628-6071.

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      I saw the sharpening van in a Cambridge parking lot (behind Shalimar in Central Square) the other day and there were a few people lined up to get mobile knife sharpening. I agree -- call them and continue to give them business. I would think not having the overhead of the storefront might make good financial sense for them, even though I'm sad every time I drive by the old shop.

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        the siraco's sharpening van was at the union sq. farmer's market two weeks ago and if i remember correctly they should be there the day after tomorrow as welll, though it's probably worth a call to confirm that.

      2. Awesome. Thanks y'all!