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Aug 24, 2006 03:30 PM

Mel Lastman Square - Any good lunch places?

I posted this earlier and didn't get much of response. Except a few recommendations for the food court which is dingy to the point of scariness and quite empty. So, are there any good places to eat around here? I love all ethnic cusine.

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  1. Only thing I ever enjoyed in that area was John Anderson's, they had a great hot hamburger.

    But it's been years since I was there

    1. There's a very homey Thai place on Yonge - I think it was called Thai Bistro. It's probably 1/2 block north of the civic centre on the west side. There's also a small Asian strip mall on the corner of Yonge and Empress with an Asian Legend (norther Chinese). Take 1 subway stop up to Finch and there are tons of Taiwanese and Korean diners! There's also a St. Louis wings and ribs there.

      Lots of choices!

      1. There's the Cuisine of India about a five minute walk up on the west side of Yonge from Mel Lastman Square. Just past the McDonalds. Also a couple of above average Japanese / Korean places on Spring Garden Avenue off the east side of Yonge south of the Square.

        1. 'the owl' west side a couple of blocks north of mel. Very good pork bone soup.

          St luis ribs on east side same area. good wings

          chineense noddle fast food place same block. quick hong kong style noodles. small descent menu

          Subway (YEAK for me but some people like it)

          across form mel, there is empress shopping mall/condo and they have a couple of rest. (deli, Japaneses)

          Bobble tea, asian legends, and about 10 (and i am not joking) Korean rest in the area

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            I would like to give a plug to a little Korean bakery called Canaan Cakes on Spring Garden Rd. They sell, among other things, Korean walnut cakes.

            Buy 4 for $1 and tell me these little things are not delicious.