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Good New Pizza Place-- Madison, CT

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Right across from Lenny and Joe's Carousel in the non-descript building that used to have Vuoko's bakery is a new place called Nuzzo Apizza. The owner (Barry Nuzzo) is related to or worked for one of the New Haven biggies-- sorry but I forget the details. Anyhow-- very solid New Haven style pizza without the Q bridge. And they deliver!

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  1. Do they have a coal fired brick oven or is it just another place with a Blodgett?

    1. I've been waiting for this to open as I heard a rumor of this about 8 months ago. This all comes second hand from a source in Florida, but I was told that the owner worked at Pepe's in New Haven and has now branched off on his own.

      Has anyone tried this place??

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        The owner is Nuzzo. I believe it's the same family that owns Grand Apizza in Clinton. They do serve a new haven style crust. It's certainly not Pepe's with teh blackened bottom, but it's close. It's good za. Not a big fan of the canned mushrooms. I've had two pizzas there and will keep going back.

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          Agreed. I did the original post, and have been back several times since. No-- it's not Pepe's, but it is the best that I've had on the shoreline. Also a relative bargain-- pickup a large cheese during the week for 7.95

      2. I had Nuzzos about a week ago -take out mozzerella pie. It was good but nothing to write home about. I find SLICE on Rt 80 in North Branford to be infinitely better.

        1. Just stopped there after the movies. Pizza was very good, and definitely in the thin crust New Haven style. However when we got home we realized that they did not put on the peppers we had ordered. I guess it makes sense with new pizzeria employees to check before you leave the shop. That said, I'll definitely stop there again.

          1. I'm changing my opinion: I've been back once since and it was a disaster. How can me spending $ 19 be a disaster? Well, I ordered a 1/2 mushroom/sausage and the other 1/2 cheese and one order of mozz sticks. I didn't look at anything until I got home. I open the container for mozz sticks and they are frozen solid, not even cooked. Now are they absent minded? Maybe, then I start looking at the quality of the frozen stick and it made me sick. How long was that thing frozen? Then I open the pizza box and half the pizza is folded over onto itself (sticky gooey mess) and it's pepperoni not sausage.

            Not worth another look, I'm headed back to Grand Apizza in CT.

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              FYI - Mozzarella sticks have to be frozen before cooking, otherwise the cheese would completely melt away when fried. No excuse for giving them to you that way though or for a pizza mess. Someone dropped your box and didn't bother to look inside before they handed it to you. Jay

            2. Nick & Tony's, Rt. 1, Guilford, just over the Madison/Guilford line on the right. New Haven style, fresh toppings and solid crust. Starting to serve one or two nightly dinner specials as well.