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Aug 24, 2006 03:24 PM

Good New Pizza Place-- Madison, CT

Right across from Lenny and Joe's Carousel in the non-descript building that used to have Vuoko's bakery is a new place called Nuzzo Apizza. The owner (Barry Nuzzo) is related to or worked for one of the New Haven biggies-- sorry but I forget the details. Anyhow-- very solid New Haven style pizza without the Q bridge. And they deliver!

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  1. Do they have a coal fired brick oven or is it just another place with a Blodgett?

    1. I've been waiting for this to open as I heard a rumor of this about 8 months ago. This all comes second hand from a source in Florida, but I was told that the owner worked at Pepe's in New Haven and has now branched off on his own.

      Has anyone tried this place??

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        The owner is Nuzzo. I believe it's the same family that owns Grand Apizza in Clinton. They do serve a new haven style crust. It's certainly not Pepe's with teh blackened bottom, but it's close. It's good za. Not a big fan of the canned mushrooms. I've had two pizzas there and will keep going back.

        1. re: ElizabethHenton

          Agreed. I did the original post, and have been back several times since. No-- it's not Pepe's, but it is the best that I've had on the shoreline. Also a relative bargain-- pickup a large cheese during the week for 7.95

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