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Aug 24, 2006 03:20 PM

Village Pourhouse

I was walking home from Shake Shack last night (I actually enjoyed my burger this time, had the Shack Stack and found it to be quite tasty in direct contrast to my previous experiences) and walked past the Village Pourhouse on the corner of third ave and I think 11th street. I hadn't seen it before so the gf and I decided to stop in for a couple drinks, they had a great beer menu with like 15 beers on tap. But the big draw were the bottles, I had one botteled ginger beer from Japan and than another from Belgium. The food menu looked pretty good and I'll definetley go back - would say it's a welcome addition to the neighborhood. Plus the singing bartenders made it feel like a bar outside of Manhattan (although I think they may have watched cocktail a few too many times).

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  1. sounds it in the spot at 11th and 3rd that used to be a crappy Penang and then some kind of roast beef sandwich place? down the block from Webster Hall?

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        I agree wingman.. the beer is out of this world.. well out of this country.. haha
        i love how they have so many imports and they dont try and overcharge at all.

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          singing waitresses? are they like coyote ugly? ill have to check this place out and see for myself.

      2. Went there the other day - can't say I saw any singing bartenders lol but was definitely in love with the beer selection. Loved the pour chips - basically sliced potato covered in bacon, sour cream, etc. amazing. anyone going to their homebrewing thing next week (the 12th)? never tried the diy approach before and it sounds fun. its at their other location on the UWS but they give you drinks equally the cost of your cab so Im thinking about actually making the trek