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Aug 24, 2006 02:49 PM

Business Lunch Meeting in Rockville

Fellow hounds,

I need a recommendation for a good, easily accessible restaurant in Rockville for a business lunch. Not too loud, good service and good food. We will all be coming from out of the area so ease of location is important.


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  1. Addie's, on the Pike near White Flint, is very nice nouveau American, but you probably want to make a reservation. Closer to downtown Rockville, I highly recommend Bob's Noodle and the Cuban Corner, or, nearer to Twinbrook, Joe's Noodle, the last of which is a perennial fav on this board. Good Luck.

    1. OssoBucco's recs are quite good (certainly yummy food). However, it's hard for me to imagine some of them working for a business lunch (depends on the participants, obviously). Although the food is simply 'just fine' I would consider Tower Oaks Lodge. Easily accessible from downtown Rockville and standard all American food where just about everybody can find something that they will like. Nobody's socks will be blown off, however.

      I like Black Market Bistro better than Addie's, but for ease of location it scores lower than Addie's.

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        Smokey is right -- of my recs, Addie's is the only one that approaches a "classy" atmosphere. The others aren't particularly grungy -- just not into formality. Oh, and you can't escape the political perspective at the Cuban Corner, so if that's an issue for you, beware...

      2. This is actually a tougher question than it appears. Do you have a particular part of Rockville you need to be, or is it just a central meeting point for you and your colleagues?

        I like Addie's a lot - but not sure you can actually make a lunch rezzie there for a small party. Black Market also excellent but same goes for rezzies.

        Do you know your colleagues very well (i.e. how "nice" does the restaurant really have to be)? I love love love Bob's, but wouldn't think of it as a place for a business meal unless i was going with folks who i knew well and who trusted me on any kind of place i took them. Bob's isn't a dive but not a typical "business lunch" either. This also applies to Joe's; and I think Bob's is physically nicer than Joe's.

        I've been to a few business lunches at Tara Thai (Rockville Pike near Sports Authority). Not my favorite Thai, but not bad at all. Unless they've recently changed policy, you can make a lunch reservation.

        1. I would recommend Sol de Espana, across from the Wintergreen shopping center on Rockville Pike. The menu is Spanish and there are great lunch specials and there are plenty of options that would suit less adventurous eaters. It is much more businesslike than Joe's or Bob's. If Thai is suitable, Amina Thai on Nicholson Lane is a very clean, businesslike place, but there is no alcohol (owners are Muslim). And the new-ish PGA Tour Grill in Congressional Shopping Center has a very middle of the road American menu about on the par with Tower Oaks, but without the architectural wow factor.

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          1. re: bachinskin

            Sol de Espana is a really good thought. Although i've never been, I've heard pretty well exclusively good things about it from 'hounds.

          2. Excellent suggestions.

            Price is not an issue (as I have a basically unlimited expense account). I don't know the people too well.

            The last time I had a business lunch in Rockville, it was at Timpano's on Rockville Pike. It was all right, nothing great, but it served the purpose. I want to see if there is anything better. My admin found Timpano's somehow - but I trust chowhounds a lot more!

            I do like tasty food and if I can impress my colleagues (coming from No VA), even better. I also don’t like places that are loud and busy for a business lunch. Sol de Espana sounds good. I haven't had Spanish food in sometime.

            Thanks again for all of these options!