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Aug 24, 2006 02:18 PM

Going on a bakery spree this weekend

I plan to hit every new(ish) bakery in Los Angeles. Would love to hear any specific recommendations/warnings Chowhounds have (Great cookies? Tragic cream puffs?) and, of course, let me know if there's another place that should be on the hit list.

(A clarification: I am open to everything except cupcakes. Nothing against them, you understand; I just think we need some time apart.)

Back Door Bakery, Silver Lake
Bluebird Bakery, Culver City
City Bakery, Santa Monica
Delilah Bakery, Echo Park
Hot Cakes, West L.A.
Sophie's Bakery & Cafe, Bel-Air
Susiecakes, Brentwood

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  1. City Bakery: tragic prices.

    1. WOW!! Sadly i have plans this weekend, otherwise I'd join you!!!

      Here are my recs:

      Bluebird Bakery, Culver City - Cupcakes!

      Hot Cakes, West L.A. - Chocolate Cream Puffs

      Susiecakes, Brentwood - Cupcakes!

      Although not a bakery, Surfas Cafe has some great an interesting baked goods such as the Lavender Lemon Bar... Yumm!!!


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      1. re: Dommy

        The Canneles at Surfas are pretty good too, and unique. Pricey but worth a try if something that's stickily caramelized and golden with a slight crunch on the outside, and moist and dense with a hint of lemon/honey on the inside appeals to you. They're ugly, but they're good.

      2. YUM! Please do bring us some photos!

        Here are some of my additions:

        1225 Wilshire Boulevard in West Los Angeles
        Their hot green tea is wonderful, as are their chocolate croissants! Some of their items have a Japanese flair and are not too sweet...

        Jin's Patisserie
        1202 Abbot Kinney in Venice
        Her items are museum-worthy, so even if you don't eat here, do window-shop! High tea on her patio is a real treat!

        EuroPane Bakery
        950 East Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena
        Everything is delicious! Some Hounds have commented about some service issues here, but I have never experienced anything but courtesy.

        Le Pain Quotidien
        There are several locations; I like them all!
        Here are a few, but you can check for others on your trail.
        8607 Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood
        11702 Barrington Court in Los Angeles
        9630 Santa Monica Boulevard in Beverly Hills
        Be sure to try their hazelnut the spoonful. It is often on the tables early in the day, but you might have to ask for it.


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        1. re: liu

          I agree with all of these places-- great list, liu! In addition, I'd add:

          Wien Konditorei und Cafe
          3035 W. Olympic Blvd. (Ktown)
          (213) 427-0404

          Galleria Cake House
          3250 W. Olympic Blvd. #103, market level (Ktown)
          (323) 766-0404

          I have no idea where the Alcove Cafe sources their cheesecakes, but they're pretty good. Next door is Market Gourmet (or is that the name of the one in on Abbot Kinney in Venice? hmmm...), and they have flourless tortes and whatnot, but I'm usually too busy trying to get cheese samples that I end up being too full for desserty-dessert.
          1929 Hillhurst Ave. (Los Feliz)
          (323) 644-0100

          1. re: PseudoNerd

            Hi, PseudoNerd! I love your add-ons!

            Is Wien Konditorei und Cafe in one of the Korean malls? If not, what is it near?

            Also, Alcove Cafe is new to me, but I will certainly give it a look.

            Thanks for adding on the calories...These lucious lists never seem to end!

            1. re: liu

              After mentioning Wien myself in this thread this morning, I decided it was time to stop just driving past on my way to work every day, and went in. I'm going to post my thoughts under the thread someone else just started specifically about Wien... Oh, as for location, it's on the north side of Olympic, just west of Normandie. There's a big sign, and a small parking lot, which I notice is usually full.

              1. re: jnovgirl

                Thanks! I'm heading over to your other post.

        2. Susina Bakery on Beverly and La Brea. Yumm!

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          1. re: offwhiteroom

            I would add Susina's to my list, too!

            Susina's Bakery
            7122 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles

          2. It's been open for just over a year, so not really new, but I'd add Maison du Pain in Mid-City (Pico and Ridgeley). Good chocolate croissants, and they're always adding new things.

            And I've been meaning to stop by one of the European-style Koreatown bakeries (Paris Baguette, Wien) which are new to me if not new.

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            1. re: jnovgirl

              Thanks, jnovgirl, for the reminder about Maison du Pain. We were there once and the case was pretty empty. The chocolate croissant was delicious, however, so I would like to plan a return visit soon -- especially since you mention that they are always adding new items.

              1. re: liu

                just don't get an almond croissant.

                1. re: PseudoNerd

                  Really???? Does this mean to save them all for you, or did you have a not-so-delicious experience?

                  1. re: liu

                    I'd posted about it previously, but the gist of it was that instead of putting a log of almond paste in the middle before baking, they'll slice a regular croissant and smear some vaguely almond-flavored cream on it.

                    But they'll make it fresh if you call them, so at least they have the customer service part down.