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Aug 24, 2006 02:06 PM

Restaurant Week

Just wondering where everyone is going. Looking forward to our dinner at Django. The menu has been posted and it looks like they are allowing everything on their regular menu. Am I correct? I haven't been to Django in several years.

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  1. We ate at Django last restaurant week and they did allow everything on their regular menu.

    We're going to Lacroix, Estia and La Boheme.

    1. Mercato and Lolita here; first time for both. We are SO lucky to be in a city that lives to eat!

      1. We're heading to Caribou Cafe and Ava. What does everyone think of Amada for RW?

        1. I think you might not be able to get in at this point. You can try

          1. I have the reservation already...just curious about whether it is a good value especially for a vegetarian...forget to add that last part before! : )