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Aug 24, 2006 01:23 PM

I am sick and tired of being disapointed with Boston's food

I have been living in Boston for nearly three years now, and have yet find a rest. that is consistant and pleasing. I eat at some local places, but to tell you the truth I am getting really bored with them. Any suggestions for good old food whether it be American, new, old ethnic etc....

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  1. What kind of food do you like? What has disappointed you so much? Explain in a little more detail, please.

    1. I am new to this site. I like fresh simple and healthy meals. I appreciate new tastes, and am willing to try just about anything. I am also on a low buget so when that comes into account, it makes it hard to try new things. What dissapoints me so much is when I do venture out to try new places, the food never seems to be worth the money. Maybe it's my additude that makes it harder to enjoy. I have traveled a bit in the Middle East and Italy and never had a bad meal there. Even when I am in NYC I always feel content after I eat. There's something about the restaurants that I have tried in Boston that just don't please me. Some places that I frequent are Border cafe in Cambridge, the Town Diner in Watertown, Oleana for special occasions, and varius Thai, and Korean places. Other places that I have gone to and was frustrated with are Sonsie, Ten Tables (loved the atmospher), the Red Fez...etc

      1. Border Cafe and Sonsie? No wonder you're frustrated.

        There are countless threads on this group for good cheap places to eat. Some of my personal faves:

        Panificio in Beacon Hill and Back Bay (Italian-inspired cafe food)

        Tapeo in Back Bay/Dali in Somerville (real-deal Spanish)

        Brown Sugar in Fenway/Similans in East Cambridge (Thai)

        Sugar & Spice in Porter Square (Thai)

        Wing's Kitchen in Chinatown (Shanghai style Chinese, though not as good as in NYC)

        Sichuan Garden and Zoe's in Brookline Village (spicier Sichuan and Hunan style cookery)

        Qingdao Garden in North Cambridge (northern style Chinese and lovely dumplings)

        Pierrot Bistrot Francais in Beacon Hill (French)

        Daily Catch in the North End (Italian with just a little garlic)

        For special occasions:
        No. 9 Park
        Hammersley's Bistro
        Blue Ginger
        of all places, Harvard Faculty Club (but you need an in there)


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          Wow, I've never heard anyone list the faculty club along with Hammersley's and No. 9. I've had only a few decent meals there and never a memorable one.

          A question for the OP, do you feel like the food/price ratio is inadequate or is it something else?

        2. There are definitely a lot of places in the Boston area that are inexpensive, yet good, and have healthy options. Here are some that I like that fit in this category:

          Reef Cafe, Allston (Syrian/Lebanese)
          Greek Corner, Cambridge (Greek)
          Antico Forno, Boston (Italian/pizza)
          Dok Bua, Brookline (Thai)
          King Fung Garden, Chinatown (Chinese)
          Pho 2000, Dorchester (Vietnamese)
          Classic India, Quincy (Indian)
          Shanghai Gate, Allston (Chinese)
          Paramount, Beacon Hill (American)

          1. Hi,

            I'm still not sure exactly what the issue is with your experiences. You say tha the food "never seems to be worth the money". Can you give us an example of a dining experience where you felt that way, and why? Also, an example perhaps, of a place in NYC where you feel "content", and what the difference was? To be honest, given some of the places you mentioned, I'm not surprised you aren't happy.

            Having said that, I'll go out on a limb and offer up some suggestions I hope you might enjoy:

            Peach Farm, Taiwan Cafe, King Fung Garden...all in Chinatown, all excellent renditions of various Chinese regional cuisines.

            Kaze Shabu-Shabu restaurant in Chinatown. Fresh ingredients with tasty broth choices. It's healthy, delicious and fun.

            Brown Sugar Cafe and Trattoria Toscana, both on Jersey St. in the Fenway. Very good Thai and Tuscan-style Italian food.

            Rangtzen Tibetan in Central Sq, Cambridge

            Addis Red Sea Ethiopian in the South End (definitely different, and tasty and not expensive)

            The Helmand Afgani restaurant in East Cambridge

            Brookline Family Restaurant, a very nice Turkish place in Brookline Village (inexpensive and very tasty). The Sichuan Garden Chinese place next door is also excellent.

            For Indian food, the India Quality House on Comm Ave. is quite good, and cheap too.

            I'm sure others will have suggestions, too. So let us know if we hit the mark for you.