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Aug 24, 2006 12:15 PM

Bon Appetit Beverly Hills Restaurant Week Recs

Hey all, recently moved here from NYC, where I endured too many restaurant week experiences where the prix fixe menu was slim pickens and the service acted like you were some sort of cheapskate for taking advantage of thr restaurant week deals. There is a list of 20 restaurants at, was hoping the LA Hounds could help me find one or two that you would predict would put forth a genuine effort, and not make you feel like a jerk.
I have yet to try any of these restaurants (besides mccormick and schmick chain), so I would love to try a quintessential LA spot if any of these fit into the category. Generally looking for dinner reservations, a few have lunch only.

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  1. After scanning the Menu's it doesn't appear that any of the offerings are a DEAL? But if I had to choose some of the better places it would definitely be:
    Blvd at the REGENT (Conny Anderson)
    BLUE on BLUE (new chef from La Folie(sf))

    1. "Restaurant week" is a minor event in LA so expect the same type of deals you might find in New York.

      1. crustacean sounds pretty good, too.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. i'm glad to hear the chef from la folie is in town. that's great info!

            i've not eaten at blue on blue, but all the restaurants listed so far with the exception of SPAGO have all been bad to horrible for me.

            il cielo - almost mediocre food, horrible service
            the BLVD - great service, inedible food (thrice)
            crustacean - punishment for not wanting to drive to monterey park (and with this traffic, who can blame them?)

            try JAAN. i've had some lovely meals there. service is very professional, but not cold.