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Aug 24, 2006 09:51 AM

Korean Restaurants in Central Jersey

Over on the now sizable "Thai Restaurants in Central Jersey" topic, someone just asked about Korean restaurants in the area. Thought it worth it's own topic.

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  1. The only Korean restaurant in NJ that we've been to is Woo Jeon, on Route 1, in Edison. We were there twice and did the Korean barbecue both times. It was just o.k. No comparison to the far superior one we had at Kang Suh, in NYC. We did order one appetizer off Woo Jeon's regular menu, fried dumplings, which were very good.

    1. Thanks for reposting that. I've only been to Keum Ho Jung on Old Post Road in Edison. I ordered wrong- wanted cold noodles and ordered cold noodle soup which i think is meant to be a side dish- so I can't really judge it yet.

      I'm not that interested in a big bbq dinner. I'd like to find a place like Han Bat in NY which seems to me to be a different kind of Korean restaurant than the bbq places.

      1. Keum Ho Jung is not so great, in my opinion. I haven't eaten at Han Bat but my and my mom's (we're korean) fav. places to go out for korean food in this area are Kimchi Hana at Middlesex Mall for most of its menu plus wonderful 'banchan' and the Edison Noodle House off of Route 1 at the Shoprite complex for noodles and bibimbap.

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          Does the Edison Noodle House have dolsot bibimbap? Seafood? Guess I'm looking to replicate the Han Bat experience, too.

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            Yep they do. So does kimchi hana. In fact, all the korean restaurants I've been to in the area have this dish. I wouldn't go to Edison Noodle for seafood though.

        2. I really like Woo Jean. Their appetizers (sorry, I forgot the Korean name for the small dishes they bring before the meal) are always exceptional. I've eaten in Edison Noodle House, it's good, but the menu is limited. Elliejc has made me curious about Kimchi Hana. In Manhattan we enjoy going to Woo Lae Oak in Soho for special meals. We've also explored some of the Korean restaurants around 35th Street in Manhattan--I can't remember the name of it, but there is one that specializes in different types of tofu (dobu).

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            I've had three BAD experiences at WooJean. I went after work (around 5:30pm) on Thursday afternoons each time. After placing my order and my appetizers and main course came, on EACH OCCASION, I was totally ignored. No refill of water, no response after I flagged a waiter when I wanted another napkin. NOTHING. As if it was on purpose. I complained to the cashier the last time and was not even given a "Sorry." Of course, they never cleaned the table of the finished appetizer dishes nor empty plates.

            I even had my orange slices (which accompanies the bill) waiting on the waiter's tray (I stared and TIMED was there over TEN MINUTES), awaiting my check; the waiters didn't even bother to give them to me until I just walked away from the table to the cashier to complain and straighten out my bill. As I was paying the bill, the idiot cashier asked if I wanted the oranges as I was standing there. Not that I'm rude or some other reason for them to dis me. I just came to eat and be served like any other patron.

            Seems if I eat alone even before the main dinner hour, I'm not important enough for checking on like in any other restaurant and to not get the bill. If not that the food was good, I wouldn't have returned.

            Now I definitely will not return, out of principle alone.

            Once, I can assume was a bad day. Twice tells me it's a possible problem. Three times, it's either personal, or just lousy regular service.

            If only the food wasn't as good as it is.......

          2. Thanks to elliejc for the Kimchi Hana rec. We went yesterday and really liked it- excellent fresh banchan, spicy silken tofu and seafood soup/casserore, chop chae (sp?) and bulgogi. I liked it better that my one experience at Keum Ho Jung and thought that the menu was more interesting too with many things that I want to go back to try. As for Edison Noodle House, I had a really bad meal there once but since a couple of people seem to like it, I may give it another try.