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Aug 24, 2006 06:51 AM

Bakesale Betty- pecan shortbread

They had pecan shortbread for $1 apiece today- amazing. Much more crumbly and sandy in texture than the Cheeseboard's shortbread, but full of a sweet maple flavor that went well with the toasted pecans.

Anyone try their banana bread?

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    1. re: Chubby

      The banana bread is great, wonderful tender crumb--but there is an unusual spice in there that I can't quite identify. Any information? I'll just ask the next time I stop by--they are so generous with everything, including information.

      1. re: dordogne

        I have some right here (along with 5 or 6 other things)...I didn't care for the banana bread exactly because of this 'strange spice' was the only thing I didn't care for... the other things were superior...great depth of flavor and incredible textures!

    2. Oooooh, I slightly regretted forgetting to get the
      shortbread at BSB today ... now I really regret it.

      I was not really excited by the Blueberry pie or the
      Lamingtons ... which was perhaps just not my thing.
      So right now Crixa > BSB w.r.t. Fruit Pie.

      I really stopped in to analyze a sandwich, but they
      were sold out [~3:45] ... is that common for BSB?

      On the way there, I grabbed a Lafarine morning bun and
      eclair. Intersting to contrast both with Tartine.
      Mbun-wise, I'd give the edge to Tartine on a good day,
      but I've certainly had a worse MB at T. Boy, the LF Eclair
      is rich's something to share or eat in two shifts.

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      1. re: psb

        I got the fried chicken sandwich at around 11:30 today, they were just ramping up for lunch and it seemed like there were lots of phone orders coming in. I'm not surprised they ran out by 3:45, that's fairly late after the lunch shift and it looks like they try to keep the sandwiches really fresh.

        Btw, it was excellent! I could only eat 1/2, it would be great to split it and end with a dessert to round out the meal.

        1. re: psb

          Yeah, you really need to get there before 1 pm to ensure yourself a chicken sandwich (the egg salad usually lasts longer). The chicken sandwich has gotten so much press that people call in orders for insane quantities, like 50 of them, in the morning. Apparently, she gets a lot of those kind of orders from Children's Hospital, which is a few blocks away.

          Check out the ginger cookie next time you go. They are my favorite bsb item.

          1. re: psb

            >I was not really excited by the Blueberry pie or the
            >Lamingtons ... which was perhaps just not my thing.
            ok i withdraw my earlier comment about the Lamingtons.
            the one i got on wed was really good.

            also there was a totally minor credit card screwup so they gave me
            the lamington for free. it's nice they dont drop the ball on service even
            at the beginning of the lunch rush.

          2. I'm eating one right now!! this is a mollases/ginger cookie with sugared has great balance in flavors, cripy exterior then very chewy....really long as I'm at it AND snacking form the box...the choclate chip cookie is also very good, and there'san incredible light/delicate full of flavor lemon raisin scone (one of the best I can remember)......and REAL..Adult chocolate cupcakes....not too sweet creamy bittersweet ganache...the only thing is that I personally prefer a more delicate cake base, this was too coarse...that said, I would happilly have it again..and I will 'cause ther's another in the box!!!! Lucky me!

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            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              The ginger cookies are truly spectacular. And, if you like ginger, try the rhubarb/ginger scone, which is also very nice. The banana bread is probably my least favorite item there as it doesn't have enough banana flavor. The lamingtons can sometimes be dry. When they're moist, I think they're delicious. And yes, those cupcakes are very good. I like to bring my kids there on the ruse that we're buying a batch for them. As for the sandwiches, they're definitely worth going early for. I love the tangy coleslaw topping with small slivers of jalapeno.

              1. re: ChowFun_derek

                So ... did you try the blueberry pie?

                1. re: rworange

                  Not this was cooked..I'm holding out for the uncooked pie from Fat Apples!!!

              2. Calling it banana bread is a misnomer. While it is certainly bread there is little if any banana flavor. My family polished off a loaf over the course of the weekend and decided it was great molassasey coffee-cake. I like no spice except salt in my banana bread. I've made it with blood oranges or raspberries in the bottom of the pan and been very happy.

                At BSB I love the blueberry pie, the oatmeal cookies and the scone, flavorwise, but not the sugar-wipe on the top.

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                1. re: Neilo

                  So you didn't notice the spice in the banana bread that I and one of the other posters' (Dorgogne) mentioned?

                  1. re: ChowFun_derek

                    Yup I noticed the spice, and that's what made me think of it as coffee cake - and the thick layer of sugar crumb on it sealed the "this is nothing like banana bread" deal for me.

                    1. re: Neilo

                      Yeah, I'm with you on the banana bread. Not enough banana and not one of my favorites there.

                      1. re: Neilo

                        Yes, it is more like a coffee or tea cake.maybe..can you hazard a guess as to the spice??? Cardamom, clove...???