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Aug 24, 2006 05:59 AM

Movenpick Ice Cream

Good Morning Chowhounds!

Does anyone know where I can find a place the sells/serves Movenpick ice cream. Friends and I used to go to the Marché chain when we craved the taste of Carmelita Caramel (with or without the waffle). Yet, since those restaurants have become "Richtree Markets", they don't seem to carry the original brand anymore.

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  1. What about the Marche at BCE place?

    1. try dominiom or loblaws

      1. I don't think you'll find it. The owners of the Toronto Movenpicks severed their relationship with Movenpick of Switzerland after a long franchise dispute. Richtree Markets was the result. I doubt that they would carry any Movenpick branded products. Word is that things got VERY nasty.

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          I suspected something occured, simply from the hearing name change. Hence, I'm wondering if ANY other place may have come in to fill the void. The Marché thing was a passing fancy, but the ice cream is all I'm looking for now.

          I'll be checking the local supermarkets this weekend, just in case.

        2. Compass Canada, headquartered in Mississauga, acquired the rights to distribute Movenpick ice cream in 2001. I have emailed them to ask if they still own it - and if so, where they distribute it. And if not - to what company it was sold. Will let you know as and when I receive a reply.

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