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Aug 24, 2006 05:00 AM

(HOU) Good chow near metrorail stops?

Will be staying at the Marriot Medical Center and there is a light rail stop by the hotel. Since I won't have a car this could be my hope for some decent chow. What would be the best food (any and all types, under $20/entree preferred, breakfast/lunch/dinner) within a couple blocks of any of the stops? Thanks!

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  1. There are some decent Vietnamese restaurants (Givral's, Cali Sandwich, Pho Saigon, to name a few) within a few blocks of the McGowen stop.

    Also, I believe Julia's Bistro, the breakfast klub, and t'afia are all within walking distance of the Ensemble stop.

    1. There is a Cafe Express in the Museum of Fine Art on Binz and Fannin, only a couple of blocks from the light rail, I think. It is a chain, but they have great sandwiches and salads, all freshly made. Another possibility for lunch is Spec's Liquor on Smith (4 blks west of Main)...they have a great deli in the back, and you could also pick up a bottle of wine or two to enjoy in your hotel room :-)