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Aug 24, 2006 04:24 AM

[MSP] Best breakfast at the fair?

Any tips on the best place for breakfast at the State Fair? My sister likes the Epiphany Diner, but mostly because she loves to announce, after we've eaten, "I just had an epiphany!"

Where should we eat this year?


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  1. I don't know how loosely you define breakfast, but I enjoyed the toasted chocolate sandwiches last year, and the shack (The Famous Moe & Joes Espresso Bar) that sells them also serves coffee drinks. It's not a gooey thing oozing chocolate, but rather slices of white bread spread with a thin layer of each chocolate and raspberry jam and "toasted" like a grilled cheese sandwich. They sprinkle the outsides with powdered sugar and serve it still warm. Yum.

    I wanted to try it at home if I could get my hands on a jar of the good Italian nutella (which I've been meaning to look for at Cossetta's)--it could become a comfort food for me. *danger* But, hey, an entire year has passed and I never got around to it. :)

    Search for key words chocolate sandwiches:

    I've always wanted to try the breakfasts, expecially the egg coffee, at Salem Lutheran Church. (I know it's not that extraordinary to most Minnesotans, but I've never had egg coffee before.) I tried their "Swedish meatball sundae" a year or two ago and it just seemed like the kind of place that would do breakfast well.


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      (By the way, re: Salem Lutheran Church State Fair Breakfast, though the coffee is good, I understand that the breakfast wouldn't be considered chowish if it were in an ordinary setting...)


    2. anne - tomorrow am I will be having pork chop on a stick. Solid, filling, tasty & no line!

      1. The Top 10 Breakfast items at the Minnesota State Fair:

        10. an egg on a stick
        9. a waffle on a stick
        8. eggs benedict on a stick
        7. deep fried egg, bacon and cheese sandwich on a stick
        6. deep fried pancake on a stick
        5. cinamon toast on a stick
        4. cheerios and milk on a stick
        3. sandwich loaf on a stick
        2. deep fried mosquito on a stick

        and the number 1 breakfast itme from the Minnesota State Fair:

        1. lutefisk and eggs on a stick.

        sorry, couldn't resist.

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        1. re: bluesman13

          so, are none of those actual state fair items?

          1. re: AliceS

            gosh, I hope not. perhaps a poor attempt at humor?

            1. re: bluesman13

              Waffle on a stick is definitely real -- coated in chocolate and covered with whipped cream. It is called the "Fudge Puppy," and was actually a pretty big hit a few years ago when it was introduced. I have to agree -- it's good! Here's a photo:


              1. re: Chris Mitra

                I'm putting fudge puppy on my State Fair must do list! Looks great!


                1. re: Chris Mitra

                  since I thought I made all those up, (with due respects to David Lettermans "Top 10 List"), I sure hope that numbers 1,2 and 3 aren't real!

            2. re: bluesman13

              Bluesman13, I LOVE THIS LIST! I would try all of these - even deep-fried mosquito on-a-stick, if it was sprinkled with powdered sugar.

              For the record, actual breakfast-on-a-stick items include (in addition to the Fudge Puppy) Pancake and Sausage on-a-stick from the Epiphany Diner. (Oh, it's all happening at the E.P.!) And the Scotch Egg *is* on a stick, so it counts.

              But I know that my family will insist on a traditional dining hall. Anyone tried the Saint Bernard's Bulldog Lodge? Or the Robbinsdale OES Dining Hall? (They've got wild-rice pancakes!) Or Schumacher's New Prague Hotel? My bet is that this last is pretty good, based on the quality of their dinner offerings - anyone know for sure?


              1. re: AnneInMpls

                Anne, based on past years, Saint Bernard's is a pass: watery scrambled eggs and the lunch choices are akin to school cafeteria food. Schumacher's used to have a delightful reuben, but I'm not sure the same folks are running it now that the restaurant in New Prague has closed.


            3. I remember they had scotch eggs, +/- a stick, is that a breakfast food? I am picky, so I did not try it.

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              1. scotch egg (on a stick!) it's not traditional breakfast fare (to my knowledge) but it has an egg, and IS on a stick...